Monday, January 25, 2010

The Tuck Shop -- Coleman, Alberta

The Crowsnest Pass might not have (OK, definitely does not have) the stores and services available in the city, however, one thing the Pass does have over Calgary and Lethbridge is a superior bike shop....The Tuck Shop.

Gord Tuck operates his shop *tucked* (yes I am so punny) out of the way in Coleman. Don't go looking for a place to buy gels, energy bars, clothing, etc. He does stock helmets, tubes, tires --- the necessities, and will order in a bike if you want. His specialty is bike maintenance, repair, and tuning.

This man is a miracle worker with all things mechanical. And doesn't overcharge for shitty work like you can get stuck with in the city....I'm not saying that all city bike shops take advantage of women and cyclists in general, but I've been visiting with Gord when someone from Calgary or Lethbridge comes in with a mechanical problem that the dudes in the city never fixed and still charged an arm and a leg for....

Last year, I met a guy from Lethbridge who was told by a bike shop that there was no way (impossible was the word they used) they could true his Zipp wheels. He had heard about Gord through a friend of a friend and made the trip to the Pass just to see him. Gord took one look at the wheels, and said, "Of course I can true them." AND HE DID IT RIGHT THEN AND THERE.

No appointments, no waiting list, no big frigging bill either.

I've been soooooo lucky over the years to have Gord as my personal bike guru. He coached me on how to change a flat tire -- I sat with him in his shop and went over and over how to do it. He never made me feel like an idiot either. :)

When I first started triathlon, he patiently talked me through bike care and maintenance over and over again. Because, me, being mechanically-challenged, nothing sticks -- it goes in one ear and out the other. Hahahahah!!

The first time I changed a flat tire, I messed up and got a pinch flat right away. I was near Bellevue, so I hoofed it to a gas station and called Gord. He came to the rescue. (Mike was away at work.) Now THAT is a bike guy to have on your side eh? :) :) :)

I often take for granted just how lucky I am to have the Tuck Shop in Coleman. Any time something goes on my bike -- I call Gord and I'm in the next day or the same day. I've been so pampered over the years that if I leave the shop after a bike tuning, and the gearing doesn't shift as perfectly as I know it can, I bring it back again and he works his magic gratis. Hey -- it's his own fault, I KNOW how awesome it feels to shift like buttah baby.

Today I spent the afternoon at Gord's while he trued my new race wheels and put a brand spanking new cog set on them....My new race wheels with new race tires!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!! OMG, they look so sexy I was squirming around with excitement. Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

My new derailleur and chain...Yes, I am freaking excited about this!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!

This is the best part....

I asked Gord if there was anything he could do about my hands going numb/hurting on the handlebars. I'm in aero most of the time, but when I'm not, CRAP my hands would hurt. See the custom handlebar taping job he did for me? WHEEEEE!! All the way down the bars!!! It feels like a cushion, I can't wait to try it out tomorrow!! :) :) :)

So, there you have it -- the Crowsnest Pass can be known for two things: The wind and The Tuck Shop. If you ever want your bike tuned PROPERLY and for far less than in the city....and you want to come see the Pass, give Gord a call: 403-563-3111. It'll be the best decision you ever made for your bike. :) :) :)



Jenna said...

so from a dummy like me - what did you change on your derailer and cog? is it for more umph on flats or less umph for hills?

You call him and he comes and gets you? That IS SERVICE!

Keith said...

And here I was, hoping there'd be a pic of you squirming with excitement! And you've worn out a chain already? Wow, you've only had the bike a year.

Keith said...

Man, Jenna must have been camped out just waiting to comment. My new post has been up for HOURS and she hasn't commented on it. She loves Julie more than me, I guess. SOB!!!! hahahaha!

Julie said...

Jenna -- the derailleur is new. The cog set on my race wheels are new. :) :) You are NOT a dummy!!

Keith said...

Details, babe, DETAILS! So what's special about this cogset? Bigger gears, smaller gears? Some new lightweight metal that will give you the edge? Special swords that come out to shred the tires of anyone that tries to pass?

Charlie Browne said...

what kind of wheels are those....come on...something more than black will do!! lol

Julie said...

The cog set isn't anything fancy -- it's the carbon derailleur that is the fancy schmancy bit!! It's so sexy -- LOL!!!

I've morphed into the complete tri dork. LMAO!!!!!

runningman said...

Nice race wheels Julie, I'm really jealous. Looked a lot on ebay for a cheap nice pair, but I may end up renting again from again at cda.

Susi said...

love gord!

Cath said...

Having personally experienced the Gord experience I can fullu support all of Julie's comments :) After Gord spent 3.5 hours cleaning every nook and cranny of my bike last year before the Worlds it rode like a dream and I swear significantly contributed to my race - go Gord :)

PS LOVE the race wheels!

Keith said...

Speaking of being a sweaty mess, I took my shirt off during cool down, and wrung a few drops of sweat out of it. For the first time ever.

Yes, I know you're all going ewwwwww. *I* say it's just jealousy. Most of you have two layers to soak things up in, so have to work twice as hard. But your tops are smaller so it call comes out even.

Cept for Jenna, who doesn't wear a top at all.

Julie said...

Sometimes she doesn't wear pants either...LOL!!!

Cath said...

or perhaps Jenna is really super woman in disguise and wears her pants on the outside!! Sorry, Jenna, I know I've never met you, hope you're not offended by my stupid sense of humour!

Julie said...

Trust me, you'd have to do A LOT more than that to offend Jenna!!! I LOVE getting a good dose of Jenna in emails. Hee-hee!!!

Cara said...

"The Tuck Shop -- Coleman, Alberta" is interesting training for me as a triathlon.

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