Thursday, January 14, 2010

Come to Camp with My Coach!!

My friend (and fellow teamie) Jenna once said she is solar-powered -- I feel the same way. With this insane January melt and a VISIBLE winter sun -- I've been feeling like I have spring fever.

Don't worry, I know it won't last -- I go through this every year. Hahahahahahaha!!!

While it is still a few months away, I am getting excited about my coach's next camp....

It is WIDE OPEN to all triathletes too -- so if you want to come to it, you can!! Get your coach to book this in --- it's going to be a gooder! :) :)

I'm copying this from here:

Where: Victoria, BC

When: Monday May 24th – Monday May 31st , 2010

What’s included:
‐ High quality mixed training week, with high coach‐to‐athlete ratio, ensuring
individual attention while benefiting from group dynamics

‐ Race entry fee and transportation to the Subaru Shawnigan Lake International
Triathlon (Sprint, Olympic or Half Ironman)

‐ Accommodations at the Howard Johnson Hotel & Suites Victoria Elk Lake

o 1 bedroom suite – each room has 1 double bed and 1 pull‐out sofabed, as well as kitchen facilities shared with adjoining room
o walking distance to all amenities for camp, including grocery store

‐ Two team dinners at the Howard Johnson Hotel

Hosted by: Mercury Rising coaches: Sara Gross, Clint Lien and Carrie Meakin

Cost: $1500 per person; based on double occupancy.

For more information or registration, please email:

Space for this camp is limited, so sign‐up early to avoid disappointment!

Sara's camps are AWESOME -- you will learn a lot about yourself and you will push yourself more than you thought you could. Seriously. Plus, you will get to hang out with me!! WHEEEE!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Keith said...

I would LOVE to come! I was so impressed with the camp here in town that Sara, Clint, and Carrie put on. Even if the weather sucked big time. However, unless I win the lottery, I'm not likely to have either the vacation time, or the $, though it does look like great value. Hmmm, unless I can convince Linda to consider it a vacation....

Jenna said...

I am solar Powered and currently getting my fill:) I will See You in the spring for some training weekends:) and then I assume in July at ghetto :) love ya girl!!!!

Amber Dawn said...

Sounds great! Maybe next year if/when I return to triathlon! I will be running the Blackfoot 80km that weekend so we will all be on the pain train!! Woooot! jealous.