Sunday, January 17, 2010

Trainer tire #2 -- R.I.P.

Oh yeah baby.

During my second ride yesterday, I felt my rear tire grabbing as I pedaled --- along with a squeaking sound. The tire wasn't flat so I kept going until my session was done. After the workout, I bent down to study my rear tire and looky what I found!!! I wore out my second trainer tire!!! YAY!!!!

You can see the threading in these two holes that appeared....MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

I called Gord to arrange a new trainer tire. You see, his bike business basically shuts down in the winter, so if you want something done you have to call. Then, Gord heats up his shop with his wood stove, and you drink coffee eat muffins and talk and talk and talk. Hahahahahaha!! We usually complain about the wind and the weather for about half an hour before moving onto other topics....

We usually solve most of the world's problems by the time I leave. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

Here's some pics of my latest favourite breakies:

3 egg omlette with avocado, chicken, and cheddar cheese...(YUM!!!)

I have no idea why this photo turned all weird-ball...But here is a spinach, red tater, onion, sun-dried tomato, goat cheese frittata. :) :) :)

Here's one more pic --- We have a heated bathroom floor. Mike bought this kit and installed copper wire underneath the tile. The heat is always on and as you can see, my two kitties LOVE to sleep in there! LOL!!


Keith said...

TWO trainer tires. oooooooooh! I'm going to have to come down for breakfast sometimes. Looks delish!

Your cats are breaking the rules! Why am I not surprised? The rule is, to sit in the most comfortable chair in the house, first move the cat.

Cath said...

Good ol' Gord :)

See ya tomorra


Amber Dawn said...

your second trainer ride yesterday? No wonder you are RIPping through tires! Just think of what you'll do to the road when you get out there ;)
Your breakfasts look delish. I love breakfast :)

Runner Leana said...

You've worn out TWO trainer tires? That is some heavy duty spinning!!! Okay, I'm hungry for a good breakfast now!

Amy said...

Love the cat(s) picture. Can you blame them? I'd sleep in there too!!!