Saturday, May 24, 2008

Conan Vs. Mike

First off,I have to give Kelly an answer about my aero position. The pic of Peanut and me is from my very first bike. My new bike is a Jamis and this was the one that Gord fitted me out millimeter by millimeter for about 6 hours. My new bike is AWESOME and the positioning is great. Girl, you are just going to have to make a road trip to see Gord!!! LOL!! :) :)

Onto the Conan vs. Mike smack down...

We have this fancy schmancy computer but have had a host of difficulties with it. Mike is the computer guy -- me and technology don't mix -- at all. I am one of those people who still does not have a cell phone (and never will) and previous readers know where I stand on the whole VHS versus DVD debate. LOL!! Okay, it's not a debate at all -- only to ME! LOL!!!

Poor Mike was gunning for the game and it just wouldn't work -- he spent all day on the phone to the place where he purchased the computer from, and realized that he was missing 9 updates. He then downloaded a new audio update and then there was no sound!! LOL!! Frigging computers eh?

Oh and Darryl -- World of Warcraft -- TOTAL CRACK!!!! It was so bad at some points --when people said that game was like crack-- they really did meant it!!! Mike would be like a slave to the computer --- But, I am curious,what is your new addiction? The "..." left me intrigued! LOL!

So -- Conan has eluded Mike so far ...

I swam yesterday in our outdoor pool -- it's quite something to swim in the rain. No one really goes in the morning,so I just tooled around. Afterwards,I went to the gym for some core work and got sassed by one of the gym rats: "Weather not nice enough for ya? Get outta here, Julie!" LOL!! I had been absent from the Pass gym for a month so it was nice to see the regulars again. :):):)

Did some stretching, and then later on headed back to the gym for a 30 minute treadmill run with strides. Cooled down and then I did some major stretching. I have to thank Kelsey for "The Frog" although I don't know what the rest of the gym rats thought of it!! LOL!!! Many of these guys don't know anything about yoga -- or they think it is a "sissy" thing. Remember folks - I live in the Pass! LOL!!!!!

Have a great weekend!!

:) :) :)


Shannon Keith Wicks said...

I feel for Mike when you have a new game and can't play it.

I was watching the weather network while on the trainer today and say the Pass (along with most of AB) were getting pissed on. Same thing here. Although tomorrow is suppose to be nice so I am getting out for a monster ride.

runningman said...

My other addiction??? I'll give you a hint, I spent nearly all last weekend training for it. ;)

Julie said...

Hahaha, Darryl -- I KNEW it!! LOL!!