Sunday, May 11, 2008

Stats Are in!!!! YAY!!

Full race report is just below but here are my stats and I am so FRIGGING excited I can barely contain myself!!!!!!!! :):):)

* 4th woman overall!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it?? (Out of 31 women)

Time: 2:45:21.50

* 3rd in age group!!!!

Swim -- 30:55 -- 9/16 in age group (I still suck!! LOL!!)
Bike -- 1:20:52 -- 2/16!!!!! Not too freaking bad baby!!!!!
Run -- 53:33 --3/16!!!!!!!! My fastest 10 km run ever!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!

Thanks IG, you li'l devil!!!!!!! All the workouts are finally paying off for me!! :) :):)



Susi said...

SNOOPY HAPPY DANCE TIME!!! Great job - big hugs to ya!!

Kelly B. said...

OH MY GOSH!! You ROCK!! Good show! and THIRD in your age group!! I am SO fired up right now!!

Jenna said...

Way to go!!! Whoop Whoop!!!

Keith said...

You must have bounced your car all the way home with excitement. Congratulations!

Cath said...

Top results all round! x

Shannon Keith Wicks said...

Way to go Julie! Way to effin go!

qtlibrarian said...

That's AWESOME! We're all going to be channeling you this weekend! Killer times Babe!

Also can you email me at and we can sort out some weekend stuff!

Rock Star!

Alan Keller said...

AWESOME! Way to go!