Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Penticton Here I Come!

I've been super busy these past few days in preparation for the long glorious weekend of training in Penticton. Recovery from the race hasn't been too bad -- My muscles didn't kill, but Monday and Tuesday saw me dragging my feet around. It was fatigue, full-throttle. I had a good, solid sleep last night and felt much better today. Things were a bit crazy at work -- I got as much done as I possibly could before I leave for the weekend, and I had more than enough fuel in the tank to do my swim and easy run with strides later.

Looking at Greg's training itinerary for the weekend -- Yahoo!! I'm so pumped to do all that cycling!! Especially when we bike the IMC course. That's going to be so awesome!!

Have a great weekend everyone -- I'll have some serious blog reading to do when I return!!!

:) :) :) :) :):)


Alan Keller said...

Have a great trip!

runningman said...

Look forward to meeting you Julie! My motivation to do any work here is at like 0 I want to leave now!!!!

Kelly B. said...

Have a fab trip!! Be safe but ride hard!!

John Prince said...

All the BEST, Julie!!! You really are something else! /btw As we speak, my broker is down in Penticton on holidays. Make sure you don't run him over, as you 'streak' by. :-)

Jenna said...

have a great time. What is on the itinery? I so wish I could have joined hall be safe.

Cath said...

Have a great training trip - I know you'll put everything you have in to it and get every possible ounce out of it that you can - can't wait to hear all about it. We're having a training camp Liversidge style - that'll me and Jase together :)

Have fun xx