Thursday, May 1, 2008

Of wingers and floating elephants...

Thanks to everyone for sharing your thoughts on racing "solo" -- Susi --I KNEW you could help me out!! I also like Shannon's mantra "Race from the heart." :) :) :)

Cath and Jase -- I am so happy you guys got something like a Computrainer -- isn't it amazing?? You can really notice a difference from just a plain old trainer eh? Love it!!!!

Yesterday I met this fellow who shared his philosophical views on tattooing with me. We had an interesting discussion -- I meet ALL kinds of people and talk with every one of them (Hee-hee!)-- but what stuck out was his denotation of "a winger." A winger is a gal who has one of those back/bum crack tattoos that looks like a set of wings. LOL!! He was so funny -- I love the term "winger" and can't wait to somehow integrate its usage into triathlon-speak. LOL!!!

Onto the floating elephants ... (This is for Keith, by the way)

I really liked his response on Susi's blog: Keith's Theory of Floating Elephants. Basically, let the big problems that float into your life, float right on by. Don't latch onto them. Let them go. However, I think a corollary of this theory needs to addressed. In particular, what is one to do when one BECOMES the floating elephant? OK -- all seriousness aside, I am strictly joking here, because yesterday I felt like a massive floating elephant in the pool. Bloated, tired, all my muscles sore, and so fatigued with the smallest effort I felt my arms and face tingle like I was going to pass out.

It was a terrible swim, and I just played around in the pool a bit, used the kickboard, and then finally called it quits. I have never had such a lousy, miserable swim in my life!! Next was core work, and despite my crap swim, I actually felt better doing core. One large and one medium Timmy's later, I perked up enough to do my 60 min. run with strides. I felt a lot better, and just took it easy. I was surprised at how well my run went compared to the swim.

After my run, I took Diva and Toby out for a good walk. Diva's joints aren't bothering her now with the nicer weather, so I've started taking them out on doggy-boot camp walks to prepare them for running with me again. For the last three days, my Mom and I have walked the babies on a 4.5 km walk. My Mom belongs to this weight loss group called TOPS - Take Off Pounds Sensibly and her club is having a contest regarding number of kilometers walked. She is now a KOPS - Keep Off Pounds Sensibly, as she lost her weight and has kept it off for 24 consecutive years!! Yay Mama!!!

The funny thing is, is that she does this cute little jog/walk thing the whole time. It took me a long time to convince her to invest in a good pair of running shoes as opposed to a Wally World special, but after a number of cheap shoes fell apart/irritated her feet, she finally listened to me. I swear, that woman can hustle. She is turning 64 (and you would NEVER know it,and she would kill me if I told you!), and is in such good shape. Just watching her, I know she could do a 5km race no problem. In fact, I am going to try and talk her into doing our local 5km road race this year with me and Jake. I know she would just love it!!

Well, that's it for today! :) :) :)


Shannon Keith Wicks said...

Everybody has tough workouts/days/weeks when you are just dead tired. But when you really think about it (I'm stealing a Pink Floyd lyric here)

"Its just another brick in the wall"

And that wall is your foundation that you are building towards your goal race and/or season.

Recognize the value of the lows for they make you appreciate the highs even more.

That is awesome your Mom - what a firecracker! I hope I'm in as good as a shape when I reach her age.

Jenna said...

I have a firecracker mom too - she is walking ten k's regularily and going to work up to running - then baby - we are gonna do a 10 k in the fall and get the gal a tshirt!!! She has an ipod and good shoes - now...I wonder how the smokes fit in to it all - hell she even PLANKS!!
Maybe I should bring my mom out for your local 5 k!!

runningman said...

My mom tooooooooo. She's done a couple olympic distance triathlon relays(that I got her to do). She did the bike section and just loved the 40k ride, she is soo competitive she was more nervous than me doing the whole thing. She didn't want to let her team mates down by not riding fast enough. Although she is quite fast. She regularly talks about kickin her neighbors ass in a bike ride(her neighbor is half her age). The ironic thing is I def. got the long distance thing from her genetically, but she needed me to get her doing it. Weird how that works.

Keith said...

You'll be happy to know I posted a full explanation of the Floating Elephant Rule on my blog.

A "winger" I hadn't heard that one. The ones I've heard, well, lets just say they're not fit for mixed company.

My runs have been going good, and I sort of regret missing mine this am, but I slept like a rock last night and didn't even think about it. The swimming will come back for both of us very soon.

Iron Greg said...

Let's hear it for all the mom's!!! With Mother's Day coming up next weekend - don't forget to tell her you love her!!
My mom is still working at the planks - and is up to 1:15 now!!! Keep rockin!!!

Kelly B. said... mom is obviously the exception here...she is a smoking, drinking, over eating kind of mom. I keep trying to gently tell her she needs to get control of things but she ignores me or gets upset...frustrating!!