Friday, May 30, 2008

This is my Bammy

I learned I have a new body part -- my bammy. This is the muscle group that demarcates my ass from my hamstrings (or hammy; hence bammy!!) LOL!!! Tuesday's core workout with Charmaine concentrated on my armpits and my bammy. Alas, I was not to know these muscles would be targeted until the next day... We balanced a pole on the ground and squatted up/down and all around for a little awhile, then did lunges with
another heavier bar. More triceps work followed -- until me poor little arms were in quite a state. Charmaine told me in no uncertain terms that today I would move up to a 10lb weight instead of my usual 8 lb. I think this is why my armpits were so sore!! LOL!!!

I had a hill workout later that day and did it on my trainer as the weather was still crap. (Note to Keith-- Yes!! The tip about using the masking tape to label the wires really helped!!) I was feeling like a hero, so I stood up quite a bit during the hills. This probably compounded my bammy problem.

All was well until the next day when my bammy was throbbing. I had to keep touching it -- why do we do that? When a muscle hurts -- why do you just have to touch it?? LOL! I could go to the bathroom OK, but just walking around HURT in an altogether weird way.

Yesterday I decided to drive way the heck out of my way to do my 3.5 hour ride in K-country. I was pretty excited --I had talked to Gord about it - he said that you gain a significant amount of elevation. I parked at the Highwood River Inn and campground and then hopped on my bike. The sun was playing peek-a-boo with the clouds, and there were a few times I wished I had brought my arm warmers. I had a good warm up and then saw that the road was closed up ahead. The barriers were down, but there was another sign in the middle of the road saying "No Motorized Vehicles." I thought to myself, "Yay!! By default that means I'm in!!" I poked around the barrier and then continued to pedal into heaven. NO TRAFFIC and TONS OF WILDLIFE -- Susi you would have been in your glory. I pedaled on the road because there was so much deer poop on the shoulders -- and because there was no traffic.

The climb is steady, but not steep like Osoyoos. It actually catches you off guard -- the grade isn't significant but you are really climbing. I channeled Kelsey yesterday big time. Pushing,pushing, pushing up each hill and into the head wind. There were tons of deer and elk capering around, and the glaring brightness of the snow-covered mountains made me hit nirvana!! KAPOW!!!

I rode past a number of little campsites -- Mist Lake was the last one I rode by.I went a good measure beyond it and then decided to turn around. HOLY CARP!! I'm liking the holy carp as opposed to holy crap lately -- don't ask me why -- just one of those exhaustion-induced moments of private hilarity. LOL!!! Anyways, the Holy Carp was how freakin' fast the way back was. Downhill AND with the wind at my back --WHEEEEEEE!! There's nothing like it!

There were a bunch of cattle guards (Why do some signs say Texas Gate? It sort of sounds like a slur, eh? LOL!!) I was too chicken to try and line up the tires with the narrow strip of metal. I dismounted and hoofed it across each one. :):)Right before the road barricade, there was some type of animal that gum-booted across the highway and dashed up a near vertical bit of mountain. This sucker MOVED!!I was in aero and blasting down the hill and this thing just took off like a rocket. I don't know if it was a cougar or what -- dark reddish brown hair and moved like the wind. Pretty big, but didn't move like a canine? I dunno but it was awesome to see!! :) :)

Made it back to my car where I was really pooped but ecstatic!! I decided to stretch a bit and found a nice patch of grass where I did "The Frog" -- Kelsey showed me this move and it feels so good, but I'm sure if anyone was watching they would think "What the ...???" LOL!!!!!!

I am going to go back and do the whole climb up Kananaskis -- it was just so very awesome I can't wait!!!!

Today, I went swimming in the morning and the lil' devil just about killed me with his:

10 x 100 on 20 sec rest
16 x 50 on 15 sec rest
24 x 25 on 10 sec rest.

I just about frigging died!! Thanks Greg. LOL!!!

Next,I met up with Charmaine and we did a nice 2 hour mountain bike ride AND then went swimming again!!! She noticed straight away that I had reverted to my usual version of swimming sans legs. She had me kicking my brains out and I was gasping so hard for air I though I would pop a lung. LOL!!! Kicking with a kick board, kicking without, kicking butterfly, kicking, kicking, kicking!!!!! She had me do 50m slow, then 25 m fast. When she would tap me, I had to kick even faster. My arms and reach are much improved but my kicking is the pits.

I was so out of breath that I had to take a LONG break between these sets of 75m. Char swam underneath me and would hit my leg if I started getting lazy again -- Man, I SUCK!!!!! LOL!! Between my sucky kick and my poor bammys, it's a wonder I can even walk!! LOL!!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!! :) :):)


Susi said...

okay, that picture looks like the dancing baby from ally mcbeal! eeeek!! i'm going to have to try the frog though.

i'm taking jenna to highwood pass on sunday - maybe we'll get to see a ton of deer and other of mother natures creatures too!!

sounds like you had an awesome week - great job!!

wish you could be here this weekend, but we'll meet up another time for sure!!

have a great weekend and happy birthday to your hubby!!

Keith said...

Bammy! So far that hasn't been sore, but no doubt my time will come.

Sounds like Char is totally whipping you into shape! Or is it just whipping? The pass sounds like a great ride, but some of us get chained to our desks! And I'm curious, did you set a new blogger group land speed record?

I've seen that yoga pose in another book, and the translation from Sanskrit is "constipation sufferer pushes hard."

Shannon Keith Wicks said...

Way to train like a Rock Star!

And have the "bammies" to prove it!!!

runningman said...

Wow I'm totally jealous about that climb, how far was it and how long did it take you? Wow with no traffic, we need more roads like that. I'll take the extra deer poop any day over the traffic wizzing by.

Julie said...

I had to bike about 30 minutes or so before I started the climb. Then I pedaled for another hour and 40 minutes taking me to 2:10. I then turned around and got right back to my car in exactly 3.5 hours.

I hear the the road is closed to traffic until June 15, so I am planning on doing the full deal next week -- maybe Thursday or Friday depending on the weather. Gonna make a whole day of it!! :) :):)

Julie said...

Sorry Darryl --I meant to say that I don't have a bike computer so I just ride by time! :)