Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Like the flood of '95

I am in awe as to the amount of rain we have been getting. We've struggled since we moved into this house to get the desert-like tinder of the backyard to flourish, and this year -- WHOO Doggy!! It's like a jungle back there. While I was playing in Penticton last weekend, Mike had a visit from his best friend, and the lawn did not get mowed. Of course, it's been raining ever since and my backyard is like a lush tropical paradise. It's funny to see Diva "wade" through the grass trying to find the perfect spot to poop. LOL!!

I decided to wrestle my trainer tire back onto my bike too. I had a hell of a time trying to get the darn thing back on too. I was wearing a heavy sweater and had to take it off because I was working up a sweat! The tire irons saved me -- I wrestled with that sucker until I was pretty worked up and muttering to myself. Sorry to all the men out there -- But I did say, "You can tell this was invented by a guy. That's why its so bloody difficult." Sorry guys!! I love ya all, but when the sweater came off, the cranky pants came on!! LOL!!!!

I finally got the thing on, and decided that I was going to get a spare wheel for my trainer tire. I'd been thinking about this for a while now, and promptly decided yesterday. My peace of mind is worth it!! So, I trucked on down to Gord's and placed my order and picked up some spare tubes and other goodies.

Yesterday morning I had an awesome swim -- 10 sets of 200 on 30 sec rest. I felt great!! I tuckered out near the 7th set but I kept pushing myself. Core work at the gym followed, and then my trainer ride in the evening. Yesterday was the first time I biked with my ipod and I loved it!!! I was singing along to all these songs and because Peanut was watching me the entire time, I adapted the songs for her. Here are a couple of examples:

Justin Timberlake - Lovestoned:

She looks like a lion except she has a little more ass.
Don't even bother
Unless you've got a back that she likes
That's why she's sleeping on my head tonight

INXS - Devil Inside

Here comes the Peanut
With the look in her eye
Raised on cat food
With flesh on her mind
Claws are weapons, sharper than knives
Makes you wonder how all those little mice die

Peanut's outside
Peanut's outside
Every single summer day,the Peanut's outside



Susi said...

holy hannah send in the men in white coats!! LMAO. better yet, let's get you outside training! love the songs, too funny.

things are turning nice and green around here too - a positive result of all the rain!

Cath said...

You're just too funny! Life here is good, though I still have this sodding cough/ airways closing thing! Every morning it kicks off at 3.20am precisely - quite bizarre really! Although this morning was 3.19am, so it's a minute ahead of itself!

We miss the green of Canada.....the grey concrete of london isn't quite the same! Looking forward to catching you in July! :)

Keith said...

I love song adaptations done on the spot for a funny reason. We sing to Amelia the Cat all the time. I hope the wire tagging tip helped with the reassembly.

Jenna said...

hilarious!!! Now that you have ordered the spare wheel hope the cranky pants are gone :) Do you know if Mike is working this WE or not?

runningman said...

LOL I'll take full credit for the tire problems I insist.

Shannon Keith Wicks said...

Julie, I think your next step is to record your songs on video, post them on YouTube and then blog the link for us(the world) to see.

Julie said...

That has always been my secret wish ... LOL!!!!!