Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Raining S*$% Storm

After reading Susi's post about the rain gently "spitting" on her, I looked up at the skies and thought to myself -- it's ok if a little rain falls on me. Yesterday's workout was to be 4 sets of 10 min at 150-165 watts with some 5 min breaks in between. As I am wattage-less now, I thought I'd pedal by feel. I know what 150-165W feels like so I'll just do that.

First off, biking outside while doing wattage workouts is a WORLD apart from doing them on a trainer. It requires so much more mental focus. I didn't have time to look at potholes or gravelly bits, I was completely focussed on powering my way along. That is, ahem until the gentle spitting turned into a bloody torrential downpour. Rain was blasting me head on, sideways, from the top, from the bottom, everywhere. Trucks would drive by and I would get splashed by their crap. My feet froze and my hands had a hard time changing gears. Still, I slogged on.

I biked just over the BC/Alberta border and timed it just right -- my next set of watts would be going back up a hill into Alberta again. Here, the realization struck me -- today was one of those days where the winds are against you both ways. AAAARRRGGGHHH!! About 10 minutes later, I recognized my darling Mike's truck pull up on the shoulder. He got out and told me that the weather was even worse now and if I wanted a ride, hop in. I looked at my watch and saw that I had only completed 1 hour and 5 min. of my 90 min. workout. Can you guess what I did?? Of course you can!!! I decided to get thoroughly bloody drenched and bike all the way home.

Well, Mike was right. It was the coldest crappiest bike ride I have ever done. But, with the words of Gord ringing in my head, "A ride outside in the rain, is better than a day at work," I tried keeping a positive outlook. I learned a number of new skills yesterday -- Because my shades don't have windshield wipers, every vehicle that passed made me virtually blind. The caution I used to ride on wet pavement dissipated the colder I became -- I learned that I can blindly ride in aero through puddles big and small -- downhill too!

As I got closer to home, this song suddenly popped into my head -- Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N' Roses. Not the whole song, just the beginning of the song where Axel is screaming. Over and over again, I heard Axel screaming in my head. I felt so hardcore as I pedaled my way home. I even started screaming along with his voice in my head when I would get drenched by passing semis. I don't really like G n R, and I have no idea why this song emerged from my subconscious, but I tell you, it worked!! Hee-hee!!!!

I just posted the song for Keith's benefit!! By the way, Keith, I tried your natural drink and it was very good -- I am going to have to cut the salt a bit though and add more of a glug of OJ, like you suggested! :) :)

When I wheeled poor Madge onto my deck, she was covered in sandy dirt. So was I. I took off my clothes in the bathtub and rinsed them out. There was more dirt in there than when I take Diva and Toby to roll around in a coal pit. (Not that I ever want them to roll around in the dirt, but hey, they are dogs!) I washed off Madge and thank God for Mike -- he had made a bunch of pasta. I was starving at this point!!

I then went and stood on my bathroom floor -- it is heated. For those of you who have never stood on a heated floor -- OH MY GOD it is absolutely wonderful. My two cats sleep in there sometimes. I was so thoroughly pooped out by this time, that I crashed in bed and slept like a log. Whoo boy.


Alan Keller said...

You are a lot braver than I! The ride would've been my Ya, I am a pansy when it comes to wind and rain on a highway.

Keith said...

Wow. Great ride! After reading about your ride, and Susi's hill climb, I'm gonna feel like a total weenie if I jam out tomorrow because of a little rain. So hows this? Inside only if it's actually snowing?

Susi said...

i totally hear ya about not being able too see. i had big rain when i was coming down the hill and my glasses were all soaked. it was nuts!

AND i had the dirt sand bit going on too. sooo mucky. how were your gears?

good for you for sticking it out, but hell, next time grab a ride!! LOL. nutbar!!

that's so cool that you are coming to penticton! i just texted kelsey to let her know - she will be there too!! we are going to drive out after work on thursday night. EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! greg figures the three of us will get nothing done but chat the whole time, haha. okay, there is a small amount of truth to that i'm sure!

Charlie Browne said...

Great ride.....axel had to be good for something, glad you found out what it was!!

Julie said...

Hee-hee! I'll be driving out Thursday as well -- just waiting on the details from IG!!! Can't wait to gab it up with you guys!! :) :):):)

Jenna said...


Shannon Keith Wicks said...

Jules, you are an ANIMAL!

And poor IG, he is going to have his hands full with you gals ;)

Jenna said...

oh yeah POOR IG!!! I somehow figure that he'll be quite amused by all their antics .... man - he could video tape if for a Tri version of Girld Gone Wild!!!LMAO

runningman said...

wow good job Julie, I'm not so sure I'd keep going either. I hope I would, but who knows. /shrug

LOL girls gone wild?!?! You crack me up Jenna.