Monday, August 11, 2008

Cath blasts a new 10km PR!!

Many of you have heard about my friends from the UK -- Cath and Jason. They will be moving to Canada for good next spring and I can't wait!

Cath has set herself some very big goals for this year -- to pre-qualify for the World Championships in Australia next year. She's been dashing off around the UK racing and getting points -- and making HUGE strides in her tri times.

Forgive my excitement-- I can barely type -- but on Sunday, Cath raced at Worthing and had an awesome 10km split!!!

The weather was terrible -- so terrible that the swim was canceled and the race changed into a duathlon at the last minute. Now, according to Cath, her run is her weakest. She is a very strong swimmer, and to give you an idea of how much she dreaded the run -- as she was looking at the waves crashing into shore, she thought to herself, "I could still swim in that." Hahahahaha!!

She had to run 2.5km, then bike, and then run 10km. The wind was ferocious and relentless, but Cath ended the race by running a 47 minute 10km!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations Cath!! You are a ROCK STAR!! You dealt with the worst mother nature could dish out and still came in third for your age group!!!

May all your dreams come true, Cath!!



Cath said...
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Cath said...

Julie, you are the best friend ever, and me and Jase love you lots and lots! Although the face doesn't show it, I did enjoy it in a bizarre kind of way! I just wish I could magic my bike legs into running legs - haha! For those that of you that love your cycling too, Worthing is called a "tough rolling course" but it was great - maybe next time I'll just keep trucking on the bike and ride into the horizon!

It was so good to chat earlier Julie, I love talking to you and can't wait to get over and just go out biking and swimming and hiking together and basically having fun - maybe the coaches call it training, but we call it fun :)

I'm itching for the 24th, we're going to be in front of the internet tracking you like last time.....with all fingers and toes crossed for you to have the best time ever!


Julie said...

I am so excited for when you guys finally move here good! We are going to have some fun times!!!

Susi said...

great job cath! look forward to meeting you next year!