Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Gas Station With the Skinny Mirror

Oh yeah girls, you know what I'm talking about -- there are fat mirrors and then there are skinny mirrors. At the local weight club, the mirrored walls contain both kinds. I'll be working out and feeling great when I look into the skinny mirror. Then I'll walk around the corner to come face-to face with a fat mirror. Suddenly the elation dissipates...heh-heh!

The best skinny mirror in the world is at a gas station at the east end of Bellevue. Every time I need to stop and fill up my water bottles there, I get a thrill of excitement looking at a skinny-mirror me! Hahahahaah! Today was one such day. Reflections are jarringly stretched out -- my image reminded of the actors in the old VHS movies my parents have. The quality was so poor on those recorded tapes that all the people looked 9 feet tall with skinny heads. LOL!

Today was the first time I wore my heart rate monitor -- I figure I better get one ride in at least before IMC since I am going to use it. Hee-hee! After two cups of coffee, my heart rate was still at 66 -- I'm thinking this is a big improvement? Frig, if I didn't have that coffee, I might not have had a beating heart at all!! LOL!!

The taper monster and me have finally made friends -- dare I say I am actually starting to feel...rested?

:) :) :) :)


Susi said...

okay, here's what you are going to are going to go back to the gas station at night, with your car. you will remove said skinny mirror and take it home! then you will slice it in half and send half to me. LOL. oh i sooo get it!

maybe you should try another cup of coffee?! tee hee

Jenna said...

i want a skinny mirror too...... and a tall one..... - and I am so frigging tired it ain't funny - i hope soon i feel relaxed.... ug!! I couldn;t even get out of the van at the end of the day today ....i sure hope it all comes together - and who do i get to swim draft off Kels or Julie????

Keith said...

If you find a mirror that makes you look fat, steal it and sell it to a fun house for big bucks!

runningman said...

YOu're leading us all Jenna, I fell for your bluff in GWN, now I def. need to get on your toes and stay where I belong, ha ha.

Is there some way of incorporating that skinny mirror with the race pics??? You know how the camera adds pounds.

John Prince said...

... Frig, if I didn't have that coffee, I might not have had a beating heart at all!!...

That's priceless! You make me laugh! :-) LOL!!!