Monday, August 4, 2008

Good Times in Cochrane

This weekend I stayed at Susi's beautiful home in Cochrane! Friday night, we went for sushi with a couple of Susi's friends -- Tina and her beau Andrew. You know you are with a good mix of people when within seconds of meeting each other, you share fart stories... Let's just say Susi explained to me what a "Dutch Oven" was. Hahahaha!!

Tina warned us that she could eat all the sushi we ordered for four people -- on her own. There was something about the quiet confidence with which she said this -- We knew she was not joking!! LOL!

After dinner, Tina asked if I liked coffee. Ahhhhh! That was music to my ears! Do I like coffee? Oh yeah baby! Unfortunately the cool coffee place she wanted to show me was closed, so I'm taking a rain check!!! :) :) :)

The next day, Susi and I shopped around Cochrane with our coffee and teas in hand. There was this AWESOME second hand clothing store -- I spent 80 frigging dollars there!! AND I was so excited to find a brand new lululemon top I nearly spun right out of control. I confessed to Susi, that "Yes, I am a label whore!" WHEEEE!!

After lunch we drove to Keith's and Linda's house -- FINALLY I met them!!! I am gradually working my way through my list of blogger buddies -- meeting them one at a time. Keith escorted us part of the way to the infamous "Road to Nepal" where Susi and I took great enjoyment climbing up, up, and away. There was on sketchy bit however -- I was going down one hill in aero, when off in the ditch was a deer -- time seemed to stand still. I looked into its deep liquid eyes and it looked right back at me. It's ear twitched to the side. Was it going to spring out in front of me? Or worse, was it going to jump out in front of Susi? I frantically popped upright and started pointing like mad towards the ditch to try and convey to Susi that danger ahead. Fortunately, the deer was totally uninterested in us and went back to nibbling on whatever deers nibble on in grassy ditches.

Great ride -- I knew I had a good time, when I kept thinking, "Aww. Is this it? It's over already?" :) :)

Back to Keith's and Linda's where we showered and ate some of Linda's DIVINE cookies, before heading out to an Indian restaurant. I've never eaten Indian food, so I was really pumped. Dinner was divine and educational -- I pried Linda about all things cooking, and she was happy to oblige. In a comedic twist, I asked her to explain to me what a dutch oven was. I was quick to vocalize that her description didn't match Susi's description, but then Susi just about whapped me on the head and didn't want to elaborate ... Heh-heh-heh. The devil made me do it!!! LOL!!

The next morning, Susi took me out on her special "Lochend Loop." What a beautiful ride!! It was like riding through a calendar of Alberta -- through rolling countryside, marshes, prairie, etc. But the clouds of bugs were disgusting! You know how those little clouds of gnats or whatever they are hover together in space? Well, one group of them happened to be positioned right at head level and when I went through them, I got little bugs everywhere -- after our ride, I noticed them all glued around my eyes. Nice.

There was one point during the ride that I thought I saw billowing smoke -- when I cast a glance back over my shoulder -- it was just more clouds of those bugs. ECH.

The ride ended with the descent of "Cochrane Hill." I was bummed that we wouldn't be riding up it -- it looked so awesome -- just like Penticton. The weather, however, dictated our plans and neither Susi or I wanted to risk getting zapped...especially after the static electricity made Susi's braids stand up over her helmet. That was when we decided we better head for home.


A great weekend, with great friends.

Now go do the right thing.


Susi said...

niiiiice. haha. great to have you out in our neck of the woods. was an awesome weekend!

oh, and i'm thinking you must have snagged all the bugs for me cause i didn't have a problem with them! thanks!! tee hee.

Streaker said...

me = green with envy!

Keith said...

It was great to meet you at last! Glad you enjoyed the Indian food. I notice Susi talked about the after effects, and the issues of riding downwind from you! Glad I read that at home where nobody could see me spitting up the last of my choco milk.

runningman said...

lol so all this talk about a dutch oven and no one actually got one? hee hee oh well sounds like a blast, too bad I missed all the rides. :(

Susi said...

okay, green with envy over dutch ovens? indian food? or riding in cochrane?

hopefully not the ride now that you are in gorgeous, green all year round and mild victoria! :)

and, no, darryl, no one got a dutch oven. but i can inform lisa of the technique if you'd like. LOL.

Julie said...

Darryl - you are so WAS a blast:

I blasted from my rear; Susi blasted from her mouth (major burp action), and we both blasted down hills. I'd like to think I blasted up hills as well, but my rocket propulsion wasn't exactly wired to BLAST on command.


Oh yeah, and Kelsey is green with envy because of any sentence that contains the words "bike" and "hill." She is the hill queen!!!

Tina said...

i'm so glad you had a fabulous weekend. can't wait to do it again. and if you're up for more sushi adventures, i'm totally in.

runningman said...

I wonder why the dutch got credited with that one. hmmmmmmmm

Shannon Keith Wicks said...

ummm...what is a dutch oven? I suppose I could Google it, but I'd rather hear it from you guys :)

Susi said...

being the dutch gal of the group i guess it's up to me to expand on 'the dutch oven'.

Dutch Oven - verb - To fart under the bed covers while one is in bed with another person, and then pull the sheets over their head so they're forced to smell it.

Example: I dutch ovened my mate last night.

oh ya, we dutch are classy! LOL.

my friends are married because of a dutch oven. after the first time they had nookie, my friends (now) hubby pulled a dutch oven on her. she laughed. he knew she was the woman for him. and they lived happily ever after.