Sunday, August 10, 2008

Olympic Mania!!!!!

When I first received this issue of Time, my first instinct was to rush and put this on my blog! Alas -- I ran out of time, misplaced the magazine, etc.

But now...WOWSER!!! She won silver!! First swimmer (male or female) over 40 years old to win an Olympic medal!!!! Man, she is ripped! Congratulations, Dara Torres!!

I loved watching the videos of Michael Phelps swimming. Unfortunately, the streaming video on CBC does not actually stream, so I have been forced to watch the recaps -- I've only seen Phelps win the final heat, but haven't yet seen his first gold-medal performance. I went to bed, visualizing myself with the same superb form and gracefulness in the water.

AIIIEEEE!! I love watching the Olympics!!!!


Susi said...

you have to make pic bigger. but wow eh?!

i've been trying to catch all i can of the olympics. saw phelps win his first gold. amazing swimming.

canada is doing so well too! they are getting faster times than they have in the past which is exciting. GO CANADA GO!

Susi said...

holy hannah stream the mens 4x100m swim. friggin AWESOME! was on edge of seat watching.

runningman said...

Yeah no kidding, what a come back by the Americans. Big rookie mistake for the French allowing the Americans to draft like that.

Julie said...

UNBELIEVABLE race!!! Love how the announcer kept saying the one swimmer was in his 30's and past his prime...

What a photo finish!! AWESOME!!!!!!

Jenna said...

that is my body with her head shopped on. Heh heh