Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More Olympic oohs and ahhhs

As I sit on the couch tapering and eating a fudgesicle, I am in all my glory watching the Olympics. Hee-hee! Watching Phelps win another gold last night was awesome!!

I did manage to go for a lake swim yesterday morning however. But it was freezing cold! What happened to summer? There's already been frost up at Mike's Mom's horse camp -- brrrrrr!

When I drove down to the lake, I could see the wind had turned the usually placid water into a choppy surface. I dallied a bit at my car. Should I go for a swim, or should I just head to the pool instead? It's frigging cold! I bucked up and decided to just give it a go.

I stood there shivering in my bathing suit as I quickly got my wetsuit on. There were a few campers about in case I needed help zipping up my suit, but I managed to do it on my own. As I walked to the water, my eyes were glued to the waves. Now, I know it isn't anywhere near as wavy as REAL lakes, but they were short and choppy enough for this rookie!

My first step into the water confirmed it -- it WAS cold. Oh well -- nothing like swimming like a mad fool to get warmed up. There was a guy fishing just to the right of me -- he was bundled up pretty good and looked like he was enjoying a beer. I heard him ask, "It's cold out today, eh?" as I stood waist deep in the water. I was surprised I even heard him as I had my silicon ear-balls in, but I yelled back cheerfully, "OH YEAH!!"

I swam back and forth across the lake like I usually do, until I noticed a few kids had set up a fishing station in between my lake crossings. The waves would crash over me and I got a good few mouthfuls of water before I finally decided to breathe on just one side. This didn't last long, though -- I just had to try and see if I could roll more to the wavy side to learn how to swim in the waves.

Now, Cath -- if you are reading this, you would laugh if you saw what I call waves -- compared to your race that was changed to a duathlon due to the magnificent wave action...but like I said earlier, it was challenging enough for me!! :) :)

I decided to swim directly into the waves and to a further point across the lake. I could practice swimming in some wave action, and I would give the kids some breathing room to fish their hearts out. :) It was definitely different swimming into the waves. The waves crashed over my head no matter which way I turned my head to breathe, and I had to work harder to actually move ahead. Swimming back, was GREAT!

For my last "lap" I decided to swim across the lake, but to the right of the fishing kids. I sighted off this white rock and noticed immediately that the waves had REALLY picked up. It was like a bloody current. I had to hammer my arms into the water really hard to make progress and to keep in line. Coming back was even more challenging --- I really had to swim hard. It was so weird -- I have never had to swim that hard just to go straight across the lake. It was a good workout though!! :) :) :) :)

By this point, the waves started to grow again. Standing knee deep in the water, the size of the waves rolling by me was startling and I started to get a little scared -- I decided enough was enough and to call it a day. :) I looked at my watch -- 30 minutes. My inner Ironman freak was yelling, "Well, just drive to the pool and swim another 15 minutes to make it 45 minutes!" Fortunately, I slapped my freak into silence and had the good sense to go home and watch more Olympic coverage instead. :) :) :) :) :) :)


runningman said...

Good practice for IMC. :) and yeah I'll also be sad to see summer go. It's practically gone after Penticton. :(

Keith said...

You are a nutbar!! But good for you for just doing it. I was waiting to read that you got all tangled in fishing lines. It's funny how you swim for what seems forever, till you look at your watch, or look up and see that the buoy is still a tiny orange dot.

Ummm, not to ask rude questions or anything, but is there someone that is expecting a call so they know you got out of the water ok? After some of the adventures of various people, and the fact I work for a safety company, has me thinking more about the 'what if's'. I still can't help thinking that your one ride up Highwood was only one more small thing from being a much more serious incident.

Susi said...

great job getting out there. i think swimming in waves is great practice!!

Cath said...

That's no rookie swimming my girl, if you can cope with that you can cope with ANYTHING! Well done you! Amazing how it gives you the confidence eh? Just as we were saying last night, for me it's running in all conditions that I need to get my head around - we're all just different!

Charlie Browne said...

happy to see that you can slap your inner freak!!

Julie said...

I'm much better now Keith -- I let mt Mom and Mike know where I'm going...

And I totally plagiarized streaker's terminology of "freak." :) :) :)

Jenna said...

slap that freak - hahaha!!!

Shannon Keith Wicks said...

You are definitely no rookie!

I have to admit, I really admire your courage and positive attitude. You face each situation with such resolve - truly inspiring.