Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Whole Lotta Cheering Goin' On!

This weekend I broke out the tambourine, bells, and pompoms for some serious cheering. Friday, the Trans Rockies came through the Pass. The event lasts seven days and covers over 600 km of rugged mountain terrain. Competitors come from all over the world to participate -- it was so awesome to cheer them on. Charmaine, her hubby, and I would like to do this race, but it's a little close to IMC -- hmmm...but you never know right? LOL!!

Yesterday, I drove up to Fort Macleod to cheer my friend Trudy in her first ever triathlon!! I went absolutely bananas!!! The Trans Rockies was cool, but triathlon is MY sport and I yelled and hollered for every competitor. I was in full-on Ironman cheering mode, and I can honestly say, I don't think Fort Macleod has ever seen the likes of it!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Trudy did so awesome and she even SPRINTED like an Olympian to the finish line!!! She was running so fast, I doubled over in laughter -- it was so cute to see that final kick!!

I'm taking a break from the blogging world until after IMC... I have a lot of stuff to get together so I'm going to say my good-byes and good lucks now...

-- I'll see you there, and for heaven's sake, remember to put something on underneath your wetsuit! LOL!!!

- Pack up a big suitcase of smiles and laughter -- you are going to love it! :) :)

- You are so ready for this race -- I am really excited for you!!

See ya later, when it's all said and done!!!! :) :) :)


Cath said...

Hey you - have the best race ever - if you're feeling a little tired at any point :), just imagine me and Jase giving an extra little push, as we'll be right there behind you!

We'll track you on the internet, but I can't wait to hear the race report - you're the best person ever and will have the race to go with it...

You go girl, give it your best and enjoy every moment....


Susi said...

I'll see ya in Penticton my friend. Travel safe!

Shannon Keith Wicks said...

Have great day on Sunday - it is your day to celebrate all your hard work over the past year.

It has been a real pleasure getting to know you through your blog. Your positive outlook/spirit is infectious!

Best of luck.

Kelly B. said...

Go get it, Julie!!

Have a GREAT day and have fun!! You are gonna ROCK it out there!!

runningman said...

See you soon Julie, woooo hooooo IM day is almost here. I can hardly wait.