Wednesday, August 6, 2008

That Time of Year...

You know it is "that time of the year" when:

1. I'm sick and tired of training for Ironman -- let's race already.

2. I'm sick and tired about talking about training for Ironman.

3. I'm REALLY, REALLY tired.

4. I get grouchy because I am so tired.

5. Weird aches and pains start randomly appearing and disappearing throughout my body.

6. Despite the knowledge that my body is absorbing all this training, and I am getting stronger through the taper -- I still feel like crap.

7. I am more excited for NEXT year, than I am about this year!!


Anyone have anything else to add?

Happy tapering everyone!! (Said with a sinister, sarcastic, smirk!!) :) :):):)


Streaker said...

I couldn't agree more with #2! With school starting EVERYONE wants to talk about my Ironman! It's like ENOUGH ALREADY I have other aspects of my personality!

I can't be grouchy in my beautiful setting though! Too many dear and baby peacocks!

Susi said...

i can completly relate, it's what i went through in june.

so, wanna do boise 70.3 next year?! :D

Keith said...

You need a good massage. Not just a slick your body up with greasy oil and some incense and call it a massage. I mean a real massage by an RMT, preferably one that deals with athletes. So what if it costs $$? It's worth it.

Take the discussion about IM as a compliment. Yes there are other parts of your life. But I think you guys forget HOW EFFING REMARKABLE DOING AN IM REALLY IS!!!!

I don't know how much detail you keep about previous training. But whenever I start feeling grumpy about results, I go back through old posts, and remind myself that it wasn't so long ago that I couldn't do it at all, or when the current result was an all out personal best.

Kelly B. said...

Well...I am not even doing the race and I am so excited to head out to Penticton to WATCH it!! You are going to be AMAZING!! I will lend you my WW cape if you need it...the package said it came with super duper kick-ass ironman powers...seriously! It DID!!

Julie said...

My knees got all wobbly reading Keith's remarks - the words "greasy oil" and "incense" are sending me into frenzy! LOL!

Kelly -- LOVE the wonder woman outfit!! You look so awesome in it. I loved how your kidlets are dressed up with you too!! :) :) :)

runningman said...

no kidding tapering can be tough. and hears to signing up for a brand new IM, anyone up for next year? hmmmmmmm? I'm so excited I want to do it, but not sure yet if I could afford it. The no wetsuit swim also scares me, that salt water better hold me up.

Tina said...

i can't relate to the IM taper, but I know that andrew was cranky before IMCDA this year. just a few more days....

Shannon Keith Wicks said...

I LOL'ed reading your post...I experienced/felt every one of the points you just made.

Hang in there are almost at the finish line...then you all can join Susi and I in the post Ironman life!

runningman said...

lol I keep chuckling about your cow betsy swimming. I wonder if she packs a mean kick in the water. Maybe I shouldn't draft behind her. Or what if she poops while swimming? Oh well I guess she'd give a signal, her tail will raise up. I remember backing away when I see that, back when I worked on a dairy farm.

Cath said...

Oh wonderful wonderful Julie - you hit the nail on the head every time! I'm tired on an olympic distance training schedule, never mind what you lot get up to! It's my one week taper this week, and although I know I'll feel chipper by the end of the week, right now the body's a little sluggish!

I can't wait for you to race on the 24th, I'm going to track you on the internet like I did last year!


Leslie said...

My thoughts exactly :) :) :)