Sunday, December 7, 2008

From Blog to Reality...

After visiting my sister in Melfort, SK, this past week, I made plans to stop in Saskatoon to visit fellow blogger, Jenna. The build up to this meeting was something else -- I felt like I already knew her, but had never actually physically met her. I had communicated with her via email, but had never even spoke with her on the telephone!

Thursday night I made my first voice contact with Jenna -- I called her, and said, "Hello? I am looking for my kindred spirit?" LOL!!! There was a pause, that quickly evaporated once I said, "Is this Jennalicious the Vicous?" I was just about vibrating with excitement all that night and the next day in anticipation of meeting her -- I JUST KNEW that we were cut from the same cloth.

When I pulled up to her house, (I couldn't believe I had found the place and wasn't lost somewhere Hahahaha!!) and she answered the door it was AWESOME!!! We hugged each other and like Jenna has said in her post, we blabbed and blabbed and blabbed!!

She is drop-dead gorgeous too -- smoking hot. I knew she was a looker from the occasional pics she has posted, but WOWIEEEE!! Hahahahahahaha!!!

I felt immediately comfortable around her -- and the same went for meeting Kelly -- ANOTHER Saskatoon babe. Holy Moly, there must be something in the water over there. LOL!!

We gabbed and laughed like we had known each other our whole lives -- yes, it was truly that comfortable. It's amazing the connections we have made via our little blogging world.

Thank you Kelly, for picking up the tab at the restaurant -- and thank you Jenna for being such a gracious hostess. You are every bit the kind, loving, warm, thoughtful, and generous person I thought you were -- and more!

We have unfinished business, however. There are so many things we didn't get a chance to talk about. That is why I'll be back!! And a huge invitation goes out to Jenna and Kelly (and my other blogger buddies, too!) -- if you ever find yourself rolling through the Crowsnest Pass, give me a shout. You are more than welcome to stay at my humble abode!! :) :) :)


Kelly B. said...

Awwww!! It was GREAT to finally meet you and chat it up and it WAS really no effort at all! And thanks for laughing at my story about not knowing I had TWO rings on my bike...not many others have laughed at that...I usually get the look of "wtf?"...You are Da Bomb!!

Jenna said...

yes so great to finally meet my long lost sista!!! For as much as we babbled I still have so much more ai want to ask,share, and babble about!! Although one thing I know for sure is that you are going to kick major ass at IMC in your own Julie way - I can hardly wait to see that!! It will be a great year to be a spectator!

Cath said...

Julie - you have this effect on people - they just want to talk to you more and more - now how is that??? :)

Susi said...

i am so going with you next time you go to sask!!!

kelly, seriously, you didn't know you had two rings on your bike?! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! CLASSIC!

Cath said...

Hey Kelly - perhaps your response should have been " well I didn't know because I never ever need it as my legs are so flippin strong"......:)

Julie said...

Love it Cath!!!!