Monday, December 29, 2008

Keith and I rock out...

I was lucky enough to squeak in to see a guy at Bow Cycle on the 27th. He had me sorted out in no time and I left approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes later with a brand spanking new Cervelo P2C. They had a promotion going on where you get 15% off your purchase to be used on in-store merchandise. So -- my new saddle, dual bottle holders, shoes and pedals were included.

I then headed to Keith's and Linda's house so I could break in my new bike. I only made one small navigational error en route to Keith's...All I'm saying is that I am glad there was no one home at the first house I knocked at! Hahahahahahaha!!

I set up my new bike beside Keith's and told him that I was going to wear my iPod -- He said, "Really?" and sounded mildly disappointed. But I was adamant -- I remember reading about his collection of 14th century music and could not fathom rocking out to Bartok. Hahahahaha!! But, he was persuasive and threw a video of the IMC course on and then played an amazingly CURRENT collection of music. I just about fell off my bike when he cranked Ace of Base at one point. People -- do not be fooled -- Keith can ROCK OUT!!!! LOL!!!!

Keith and Linda took me to an amazing Greek restaurant for dinner and I stuffed myself silly. I think I love Greek food like Susi loves sushi. LOL!!! :) :):)

Thanks so much to Keith and Linda who holed me up in their wonderful home -- You two are the best!! Big hugs to both of you!! :) :) :)


Keith said...

Gee, thanks! And you're the best house guest anyone could hope to have!

I can see Susi rolling her eyes about Ace of Base.

Kelly will be happy now.

streaker said...

wow santa was good to you!

tap tap tap I'm waiting for my visit!

Jenna said... the picture! Congrats on your new bike - very sweet!!! AND IT FITS.Must feel better? And Kels - its fricking SNOWING where you live - visits will happen when the tulipsloom :)

Jenna said...

and if you need to sell the olc bike - kijiji girl :) name your price or advertise on calgary tri club website or somethin glike that. ITS IMC blessed, that raises the price!!

Julie said...

Oooh- thanks for the tip Jenna!! I think I might do the kijiji thing again... :)

Susi said...

ace of base current?! oh geez... burst out laughing when i read keiths comments - the man knows me like the back of his hand, LMAO!

suhweeet new bike girly! welcome to the cervelo family - i LOVE mine. will be seeing ya in the new year for some training time!!

Charlie Browne said...

Have to agree with susi about the currentness of some of the music!! bet ya love the new bike!!