Thursday, December 11, 2008

SBS or Sweaty Boob Syndrome

I thought I'd do something entirely different and post about my training....go figure! LOL!!

Things are going great! I've started swimming four times a week, and have discovered the types of food I need to eat in order for me to feel great. It's funny -- when I was visiting with Jenna, she mentioned watching "The Last Ten Pounds Bootcamp" and how cool it would be to have your nutritional choices all laid out for you... Well, we were once again on the same wavelength, as it was by watching that show I stumbled across the power breakfast to end all power breakfasts.

This breakfast has been my missing link, I swear. I have so much more energy and feel more satisfied from it. Are you ready for it? Hee-hee! Here it is:

Three egg whites and one egg yolk (for those who are as muddle-headed as I am, that translates to 2 egg whites and 1 whole egg. Yes, that took me a bit to figure out -- Hahahaha!!)

Handful of cooked broccoli

Scramble eggs and veggies, then top it off with a glass of juice and 2 slices of whole grain toast with peanut butter.

I've always heard if you eat a proper breakfast it sets you up energy-wise for the rest of the day, and curbs any sugar cravings. I've always eaten breakfast, but there is something about this combination of food that is KAPOW!! for me. :):):):)

Now -- onto the title of my post....

The change rooms at the Sparwood pool are very, very warm. And humid. The kind of moist heat that has you toweling yourself off again and again and never achieving total dryness. In fact, there is a direct correlation between how much I exert myself in the pool and how hot I find the change rooms afterward.

All this leads to the inevitable Sweaty Boob Syndrome. I HATE HAVING SWEATY BOOBS. I hate it so much, that I as soon as I'm done toweling off, I rush to stand underneath a hand-dryer and dress between blasts of hot air. For you men out there who don't know of this phenomenon, allow me to elaborate. In a hot, humid change room, the first spot that condensation occurs on a woman is on her boobs. Under her boobs, around her boobs, just all over the boobs. It doesn't matter what size the boobs are either -- trust me on this one.

The time that elapses between putting on a bra and the development of boob sweat is moot. And there is nothing worse then feeling that boob sweat grow and spread as you then try and pull a shirt on. Never mind trying to wriggle into a sports bra. Ahh, the method of trying to get a sports bra over your head and actually where it's supposed to be when your body is wet is a sight to behold.

Picture it -- Head goes through okay, but then the inevitable roll up at the back of the shoulders occur. How often have I contorted my arms and flailed my body trying to unroll a sports bra that's tightly rolled against my upper back? It's almost like having a full on panic attack -- Get it off, Get it off, GET IT OFF!!!!!!!!!

I actually met my friend Trudy in this manner. I was solidly stuck partially in, but mostly out of my sports bra, standing underneath the hand-blower, and doing the funky chicken trying to get the damn thing unrolled. I must have been quite a sight, because it prompted a total stranger to help me pull my sports bra on. Ahhhh, the strange goings-on in the women's change room. Hahahahahahaha!! I knew we would be good freinds after that..

(Come to think of it, I met Cath in a change room too -- Hahahahaha!!)

Just say SBS.



Keith said...

I'm gonna have to wait till I'm fully awake before making a real comment here. There are just too many ways I'll end up inadvertently putting my foot in my mouth. At least. Later. But loved it!

Shannon Keith Wicks said...

"No to SBS"


One of the most interesting, and funny posts I have read in a while.

Keith said...

OK, now I'm up for the breakfast part of the blog. Just reading about it didn't do good things for me, but that's just me and eggs. I'm still not a big fan of brocolli, but I can eat it. But together??? I'm getting the shivers in the back of my neck.

What do you do with the left over yolks? I much preferred the shake drink you posted the recipie for a while ago.

Still not awake enough to carry on. Later.

Kelly B. said...

This one is funny! So I have the best boob sweath story ever...Keith: read no further...We had Luke in May 2006...summer was right around the corner...I was breastfeeding (or trying to) time I lifted up my tank top to feed the little one, it was friggin HOT that day, don't y'all worry, now, it was in my own back yard...and my boob sweat landed on his neck...yeah...all together now, a collective...YAK!!!

Keith said...

I can just picture you, under the blow drier, arms in the air, struggling to get dressed.

Somehow, in all the years I've been married, and before that interested in girls and their boobs, and recently being around sweaty girls, this topic has never come up. Other bathroom issues, yes. (Thank you Jenna) SBS, no. It had never occurred to me this might be a problem. So, once again, my limited imagination has been enlarged.

I think this topic should be studied to see if in fact that's the first place condensation occurs, and build a relationship between humidity, temperature, workout exertion, and amount of condensation. This might take months, perhaps years, to get reliable measurements. I will volunteer to take the measurements, record the data, and provide a report. Any sweaty volunteers?

I've never understood why people get bent out of shape by breast feeding. That's what they're for, and babies get hungry. Another casualty of Western societies determination to control which parts of our bodies are suitable for public view, and hence, another control mechanism on us.

Julie said...

I knew I could count on Keith for a thoroughly logical and scientific response. Hahahahahahaha!!

OMG Kelly -- that is hilarious about the sweat landing on Luke's neck -- LOL!!!!

Jenna said...

well... i tried very hard not to post a reply but the image of you stuck and pleading for help - half naked, under th begs for a response.... First off I would like to say, what about the SAGS - That is Sweaty Ass Globes Syndrome...not saggy boobs. In addition to SBS, SAGS happens very quickly in a humid change room (or is it just that my glodes do infact SAG too low?). Then you have not only struggled to dress you rupper half but your lower half is a task as well. Pulling tight jeans over SAGS is hard... In fact, they often cling to the SAGS in funny places making your jeans fit oddly until the mositure is all dried up and your jeans have dried as well. I HATE dressing after swimming. My face feels tight, everything is sweaty, I stink like chlorine, I realize I should have shaved my legs, and then SAGS tops it all off. Not to mention wet hair - gross pool hair even though it is freshly washed - grosses me out too. So lets come together ladies and ban hot change rooms (I am sure they can do something about it!) and rid the world of SBS and SAGS for ever....

Julie said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! I'm in -- let's sign a petition! LOL!!!

Charlie Browne said...

I see a new career path coming my way........

Cath said...

Eek! Couple of things....this is probably very sad, but even now, the smell of chlorine makes me smile (I know!) as it just reminds of many years spent down at the pool!

And hey Julie - let's not tell anyone any more about our first meeting.....suffice to say Jase and your folks were just about to come looking for each of us thinking we'd collapsed in the shower after the it all started....triathlon and our lovely lovely friendship for me!

Julie said...

Sounds good, Cath -- I think I am turning into my Dad -- he likes to tell the same stories over and over. Sometimes I need a good prod!! After all, that's what friends are for, eh? Hee-hee!!!!!

I have to say, I also love the smell of chlorine. :) :)

Cath said...

Oh no, I didn't mean that - that's a grammar mistake! I meant, let's not tell them any further details.....not that we're not to tell the story again, cos I for one think it's quite funny! The dangers of written words hey and how it can be mis-interpreted! :)

Julie said...

Oh brother -- you are right!! Man -- throw a British accent into the mix and you can just SEE the trouble I can get into! LOL!!!!

Hahahahaha!!!! You are the best, Cath!!! :) :) :) :)