Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Homemade Lara Bars

For those of you who have never tried a Lara Bar -- do yourself a favour and go out and buy one. Namely the "Cashew Cookie." Lara bars have only natural ingredients and the latter one has only two ingredients: dates and cashews. I've tried the other flavours, but they don't compare to the Cashew Cookie IMHO.

For a bar that has only two ingredients, it tastes so delicious! I've been dying to make my own as they cost a hefty $2.19 each at the local store (less at Costco, but you don't get Cashew Cookie, you only get an assorted box). For Christmas, one of my prezzies was a food processor, and I cracked it open today and whipped up a batch of homemade Lara Bars. It was so easy and they taste so awesome.

The recipe is very, very easy -- remember we are talking about me cooking here so it has to be. :)

1. Big bunch of pitted dates
2. Bunch of cashews

I threw in a bunch of cashews into the food processor first, because once the dates go in, it is a STICKY MESS. I chopped them up so they were in tiny pieces and then poured them into a bowl.

Next, I put a whole big bunch of pitted dates into the food processor. I just left it on high until the dates form themselves into a ball that whirls around and around.

Then, all you do is break up the big ball of mashed dates into smaller balls. Dip these little balls over and over again into the cashew bowl until they can't hold anymore cashews.

Roll the little balls between your palms (no perverted comments here, Jenna - LOL!) until they form ropes. Then press them flat into bar shapes. You can get all fancy and use a cutting board to flatten the bar and a knife to straighten the sides. Then, all you do is wrap up the bars in plastic wrap and throw them in the fridge. YUM!!!!!!!

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!


Keith said...

OMG. Those sound so good! I love dates. Just plain dates, preferably fresh. And cashews. I'm totally going to have to try these.

So much for losing any more weight THIS week. Thanks buddy!

Charlie Browne said...

umm....they sound good but the picture of them does not....

streaker said...

I'm a big fan of the Cherry Pie one ymmmm

I get them at cost at MEC!!

Alan Keller said...

I love Lara Bars...especially the cherry one, too. The organic store just down the street has a whole selection of them.

Julie said...

I'm going to have to try making that cherry one now...:):)