Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Life -- aka "The Gong Show"

Will someone please tell me how in the world it is even possible I was able to complete:

* FOUR Ironman races
* THREE half IMs
* FIVE Olympic Tris and
* THREE Sprint tris

on a bike that is 6 sizes too big for me????

Thanks to my new coach -- THANK GOD FOR HER -- I just found out that I should be riding nothing bigger than a 50 or 51 cm -- mine is 56 cm. It is so big that her 6 foot 2 inch partner has the same frigging size bike as I do. AAAARGGGGHHHH -- I felt like such an idiot!!!!!

But, at least this problem is going to be bike Madge has been re-christened to: "The Big Mother Tucker" Minus the T and replaced with an F of course. Or for short -- BMF. For now, I'll ride BMF until I get a properly fitting bike.

The visit with my coach on Wednesday was absolutely unbelievable -- she is a true professional and was patient, thorough and generous. I had a major epiphany about running form, and discovered that my swimming isn't as disastrous as she thought it would be -- LOL!!!! Hey -- I'll take a compliment no matter how much I have to spin it to my advantage. Hee-hee!!

I had typed up two pages of questions all about nutrition, stretching, everything I could think of, and she answered every single one of them. Although, I thought I detected a mild look of alarm when I flipped the first page of questions over... Hahahahahaha!!!!

All in all, I was vibrating like Jenna's eye-roller the whole day long. I learned so much -- and I have actually retained it! Go figure! :) :)

She analyzed my swimming and has given me some new drills and pool side exercises to do. I think I wrote about this to Jenna: On Friday morning, there I was with my stretch cords on the pool deck doing my new exercises. The lifeguard said to me, "Careful, Julie -- People are going to start thinking you are a swimmer." Hahahahaha!!

I had a wonderful time and have to thank my coach yet again. Thank you Sara!!! You are an angel in disguise!!!!!!

Well, sorry for the short and choppy post, but I thought I'd better get on it, or else suffer the wrath of Jenna...

:) :) :)

Santa: I need a new bike.


Keith said...

You were able to complete them because you're a frigging champ!! Ever think of that?

streaker said...

Because your a rock star!

I must admit that I thought you bike was big when we roomed together it was quite a bit bigger then mine and I think we're roughly the same size! eep!

Sounds like you found your dream coach!

Kelly B. said...

Wow!! 6 inches hey...? I could go so many places with that one but will not...

Sounds like you coach in on the ball...are we in the same age group? Just curious...

Charlie Browne said...

I can honestly say i do not know what to say.....ok that is not where did you buy your bike from? New or used? From a shop that should have said nope this thing is too big for you or from a person that was just anxious to get ride of an expenditure?? You did rather well regardless, wonder what will happen on a bike that fits you?

Julie said...

It was ordered in especially for me -- locally. :(

He knows mountain bikes but not tri bikes I guess. He does work magic on greasing BMF up and truing her wheels, etc. But I'll be going to Calgary before the end of the year to suss out a new bike.

Keith said...

Looking forward to seeing you, before the end of the year. You can stay with us during your shopping expedition, if you like.

Cath said...

Oh I wish I was there - I'd come bike shopping with you - not that I know anything about them really, but it's great looking at the shiny new things in the shop! Just don't do what my friend Liz did and start off with 1 budget, only to end up spending over twice as much :)


Julie said...

Thanks for the invite Keith-- I just might take you up on that! And you are right Cath-- must keep to the budget! :) :)

Jenna said...

There is always the Bike Doctor in Saskatoon - they'll fit you up nicely too:) Then we could stroll to the cafe for a cup of joe and talk about how you will pay for it :) and then we could run along the river trails and take in the great city before hitting the town for some live music, great food and bad jokes :) AND you can stay with me again:)

Julie said...

Oooh, Jenna -- I'm liking that idea!!! That might be just the ticket!! :) :) :)

Shannon Keith Wicks said...

Hopefully you can get your ride dialed in soon!

I have been thinking about a new bike myself but may hold off another year.

Merry Christmas!