Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Great White Triathlete

That's me-- Hahahahaha!!

For some time now I've been toying with the idea of purchasing some kind of compression clothing. OH NO! I know what you are thinking -- don't cave in to the dorky socks!! I have resisted the urge to buy those stupid looking socks, but I am at the point now where I really do need some kind of compression for my legs.

After IMC this year, my legs and ankles swelled like I was a sailor on the ship that watched Bikini Island blow up, and then picked up a piece of radioactive pebble, put it in his pocket, only to discover years later, that his limbs started to swell and swell and swell because of the radioactivity. You get the idea.

Fortunately, I had scarfed a number of ankle and knee compression things from my store this summer. I sold them for $1.50 each -- and they are GOOD. Aside from lying on the floor, with my bum pressed against the wall and my legs upright, those little compression things did provide a large amount of relief.

Fast forward to now -- I am training like I have never trained before -- the first two weeks of December I did 13.4 hours each week. For the first time, I feel like I am actually pushing myself, and my whole body is feeling it. On Sunday, I had a long, hilly run, and then after swimming yesterday, I also had another 1 hour run. When I was swimming, my legs felt super-heavy, and I was wondering how in the world I was going to run later on in the day.

But I did -- and I actually felt great! After my run (and some good stretching), I dug through my drawers to find my trusty compression knee things. I slept with them on for most of the night. Sometime in the night, I must have woken up and flung them off, because I found them at the far end of the room this morning -- Hahahahaha!! I put them on again this morning, and they feel good.

I guess I'm just stoked that I am working out hard enough where I truly need compression thingies!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!

Peanut had to come and see what I was doing...LOL!!!!

I've ordered a couple of pairs of compression Cw-x tights from the US, and am just waiting for the chance to deke down to Kalispell to pick them up from our mail box.

Tomorrow is my big day -- an all day, one on one swimming, biking, and running session with my coach!! YAHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:) :):) :)


Keith said...

The 'nut rides again! That picture must have been taken *before* your workout.

Those hours, you are the training queen. I was wondering what you were doing with yourself now that the store isn't sucking the life out of you, and I think we now know.

Cath said...

Woo hoo - get you! I CAN'T WAIT to hear about tomorrow.....I'll be thinking of you! You'll have to tell me how the compression things go - I've been thinking about it for a bit, but don't want to be taken by martketing stuff!

I'm pooped tonight - did a 1 hour turbo interval this morning, followed by a 20min fast run. And then tonight a 6k swim - so I know EXACTLY what you mean when you talk about heavy legs and limbs - I'm ready for pasta and bed - good job Jase is away tonight - lol!

Charlie Browne said...

What can I say other than once again you impress me.

Amber Dawn said...

Wow Julie, it sounds like you are really hitting your stride this year! Way to go, you inspire me! Keep it up!

Jenna said...

Let me know the details on your day with your coach. It will be great to get all that FEEDBACK!!! And, I have to say, when i was preggers and i got toxemia and i would swell really bad, swimming would help me move fluid in my body. I would swell really bad in my legs and 20 minutes in a pool would push it all over and it felt so much better - i do not know if this is the smae or not. I also had some damn sexy white stockings to wear which I could not put on myself (yeah - picture that) and that too did help. Relief comes in all forms... for some of us it is an eye vibrator cooling stick and for others... sexy white socks or compression thingys...

Julie said...

Hahahahahaha -- Jenna!

Keith said...

You know, I was skipping through the blog list, looking for updates. I saw the title, and for a second I thought it was a new post.

I flashed on this vision of Julie, in a pith helmet and khakies, leading a group of tri-athletes up a mountain, thrashing through the bush, pointing out black bears and the scat with the little bells that smell of pepper.

The word verification is chics.

Amy said...

Hey Julie - Amy here....wondering if I can convince you to do New Orleans too?!?! PLease? I'll wear compression socks/leggings with you. Talk it over with Jenna and get back to me. :)

Jenna said...

oh that amy is a sly one....lol