Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Update from Saskatchewan

The only reason I am even posting is because I had to let Jenna know my push up count! Hee-hee!!

Day 2
Set 1: 10
Set 2 : 12
Set 3: 8
Set 4: 8
Set 5: 12

Day 3
Set 1: 11
Set 2: 15
Set 3: 9
Set 4: 9
Set 5: 13 (OWWW!!!) LOL!

Melfort is much colder than the Pass, and as flat as a pancake. I've been swimming in their glorious pool here -- what a treat! AND it is actually 25 meters!!! LOL!!!

My sister and her hubby introduced me to Rock Band (or Rockstar or whatever it's called!) last night and I was giving 'er on the drums all evening... I haven't been able to get the hang of the guitar yet, but I belted out some Alanis Morissete and some Pearl Jam. Hahahahaha!!

And for Keith -- the chin up quest is still on. I haven't forgot about it yet, I'm just going to build up some push up strength and then I'm going to try it again. :) :)

I nuked a cup of coffee in my sister's microwave this morning, not realizing that the mug I was using was not microwavable -- when I went to grab the handle it burned me pretty good. I've been holding a frozen water bottle all morning, and am now off to go swimming. The pain isn't too bad now -- a tingly burning pain that I don't want to concentarte on. Nothing that a little HTFU won't fix...


Oh and Jenna -- my sister is giving me a pass to see the tour of Christmas lights in Saskatoon -- apparently it's the biggest and best of its kind in Canada!! WOW! :) So, we can all pile into my car and tour around on Friday night with Timmy's in our hands. :) :) :)


Jenna said...

lol...gotta love them push ups and gotta hate folded up new trainer tires too :)

the light show - sure - we can load up and hit the lights with the timmies.... then you can give me your take on what you think - I have Kelly on stand by and Chuck works late but may be able to stop by the house to meet you - or perhaps we can meet up for coffee on sat morning - not sure how much crazy working out you have to do...lol I'll just watch:) I can not run for a month or more now cause of my knee.... maybe I'll change my back tire....lol and get on my damn bike.

Cath said...

Have a great time out there - you deserve the break!