Sunday, June 1, 2008

Boundless Energy Bars

I finally made Kelsey's protein bar recipe and is it ever GOOD!!! It's nice to know exactly what you are putting in your body -- and the taste is unbelievable!! For those of you who haven't made it -- you HAVE to try it. Here is her recipe:

The only warning I would add is that these bars clean you out. Let's just say these bars could also be called Boundless poop bars. LOL!!!!

Yesterday, Mike, Jake and I went fishing at a local lake. I brought Diva and Toby along much to the chagrin of the other fishermen. It's like I could read their minds -- "Oh great, Here's a girl bringing her dogs. They are going to splash around and swim, and bark and scare all the fish away."

I walked around the lakeside path to this little inlet and then let the babies off their leashes. Toby went swimming right away and Diva tried to muster up the courage but kept barking this high-pitched yelp in frustration. She wanted to go swimming so bad, but since she's become blind, she is just too afraid. Poor little girl. She had a fun time splashing around though.

I took the babies back past where Mike and Jake were fishing and thought I'd keep them close by. Toby swam out again, but this time she kept swimming to the left and right towards the Dog Daddy (Mike). OOPS!! LOL! Then she got out and shook all over Jake. See,I don't mind when the doggies shake their water droplets all over me. They only go swimming when it is hot, so I don't mind having a bit of a cool down too. :P

Needless to say, I had to bring the babies back home. :(

Yesterday was also the inaugural meeting of this new all-female club in the Pass: The Outsiders. Six of us showed up and I am thrilled to report that I had never met any of them -- No small feat in this town!! There are a number of other girls that couldn't attend for various reasons but I'm excited to meet ANYONE who likes exercise and the outdoors. For all you lucky Calgarians out there -- you don't know what it's like to live in a rural community where the majority of dog owners are too lazy to actually walk their dogs, and opt to drive alongside them instead!!! This is not an exaggeration!!

For me to connect with other activity-minded individuals was just awesome. Sad to say there were no triathletes there, but hey, not everybody's perfect! LOL!!!!

Our first scheduled event is to hike Turtle Mountain -- this is the Frank Slide mountain. I won't be able to make it with the group as it coincides with my Wasa race -- so I am hoping I can talk at least one other girl into hiking it with me this Saturday. I know there is one girl that was a bit nervous at the prospect of the hike, so I am going to target her first -- Hee-hee!! I'm a good guide and motivator and would love to help her overcome her fear. Even If I can't find anyone, I'm going up anyways!! :) :) :)

Sounds like Susi and Keith targeted Jenna pretty hard this weekend!!! Can't wait to read how Jenna liked all those hills... and if it is true that Susi has devil horns!! LOL!!!


Susi said...

i have people do the old drive while the dogs run thing behind my place too!! what is up with that!

glad you found others that are into working out too! what a great club to start!

runningman said...

Sounds like a cool club, always nice to meet other athletes/outdoorzie people. ahhh fishing, I used to fish a lot when I was a kid. Brings back memories. :)

Cath said...

A hike in the mountains, oh, that makes me envious! We were only looking at our photos from when we all hiked together in Fernie.....BUT, your guide skills.....I kinda remember the quote along the lines of "oh, I haven't hiked this for a few years, no I don't have a map, it's somewhere round here....." - we made our way up and down again though.....:)

Kelly B. said...

Cool club!! We have a little sub-club in the tri-club we call the PHAT Chicks. Phenomenally (sp?) Hot Amateur Triathletes. We have t-shirts and jackets!! Our motto "We are not competitors, we are participants" So fun!!

Shannon Keith Wicks said...

I keep meaning to try and make those bars sometime.

Cool to see you got a club going in your neck of the woods. I am thinking of doing an indoor cycling club in my neck of the woods for those of us who don't want to head into Halifax.

Jenna said...

It's true. I saw evil. And i liked it ....baa haa haa!!