Tuesday, July 8, 2008

For Shannon: How to Repair a Wetsuit

Here is the link I used as a guide to fix my wetsuit:


Here are a couple of things I either did differently or just observed.

1. Hang your wetsuit off your shower rod so you can really inspect it and then fix it without worrying about getting glue all over the place.

2. Use crazy glue or super glue -- I used the stuff I sell at the dollar store and I didn't have to let it soak in and dry for 1-3 minutes, I just applied it like the pictures show and then held the suit together for about 45 seconds to a minute. I like to do things as quickly as possible and didn't want to dink around with waiting for glue to dry before squeezing the suit together. **BUT make sure when you are gluing it that the other side of the wetsuit doesn't get caught up in the glue. When I first squeezed a gash together I just about sealed my hand opening shut! LOL! Just something I noticed! :)

3. For the small gouges, I just put a daub of glue on them just to seal them.

4. Once I got into the groove, I was dabbing glue all over the place as my wetsuit dangled from the rod.

5. I let the wetsuit dry overnight just in case.

It worked! I raced in it on Sunday and no problems!

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Shannon Keith Wicks said...

Cool, thx a lot for the link/info.

I was having trouble with patching mine. I was using a different technique which was not working.