Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Susi Met the Nut!!!

Susi came to stay with me for the weekend and we had a GRRREEAAATTT time! It turned out that it only took her 2.5 hours to get to the Pass -- she made it to my house before Mike, Jake, and I headed out to the Sole Survivor 5 km race.

I was so happy to see Susi, I'm sure I talked her face off! When we arrived at the race site I was bragging her up to everyone I knew -- "She just did IMCDA, she took an HOUR off her time!" Poor Susi suffered my wild enthusiasm with a gracious smile - heh-heh! Little did she know that I had plans to tell everyone about her unfricking-beleivable abs too...I jump ahead of myself! :) :)

So, the big plan for the race was that we would run together as a family, and cross the finish line together holding hands. Jake and I have been after Mike to quit smoking for good and I have caught him perusing through my running mags -- so the whole point was to inspire Mike to have a great experience and encourage healthy lifestyle changes. Susi took a pic of us before the race started and then we were off. We ran a bit and walked a bit -- Mike joked with other runners. I think we had ran about 1km when he asked a man with a megaphone directing runners, "Where's the 1km turn around?" The guy yelled through the megaphone: "1KM TURN AROUND HERE!" He had a huge grin on his face which prompted us to laugh and laugh. :) :) :)

Mike was doing really well -- he couldn't take in any fluids at the aid stations because as he said to the volunteers, "I think I'll cramp up!" but he made a point of shouting "Thanks so much for volunteering!" to every volunteer he could see. Mike was really pushing himself - his face was red and dripping sweat and Jake and I kept telling him how great he was doing. Then Mike asked, "Do I look bad? My face isn't really red is it?" Hhahahahahahaahah!! OMG!! Jake and I looked at each other and didn't say anything!! LOL!!! It was at this point that Mike tried to hitch a ride from the on-course ambulance. They didn't take the bait though -- just laughed and waved at him.

The finish line was approaching when two ladies also participating in the 5km caught up to us and passed us. One was an older lady, the other was a shorter, rounder lady with big boobs bouncing all over the place. Mike cast a glance at me and mouthed, "There's NO WAY!" He then ran up to the ladies and said, "Sorry ladies, but there is no way..." And then the sprint to the finish began!! Mike and the older lady were neck and neck and some spectators were shouting out "GO LADIES!!" I kept looking at Jake thinking how completely ridiculous we looked. The finish line was getting closer and closer and Jake and I kept waiting for Mike to clasp our hands like our original plan -- but he was in the midst of a testosterone-driven, ego-saving, life-or-death race. The turkey ran across the finish line first and THEN put both arms behind him indicating to Jake and I that we could hold hands now -- NOT BLOODY LIKELY!

I couldn't believe it!! I asked him, "What the hell was that about?" He then had the nerve to say that as Jake and I couldn't keep up to his finishing sprint, he just went ahead!!!! Like me and Jake didn't have energy after a 40 bloody minute 5km!!!!! OK, at least I'm very proud of my Mikey that he went through with the run! LOL!!!

The positive thing about this, is that his little escapade has provided me with ample ammunition -- poor Susi heard me repeat the story about 50 times this weekend! Hahahahahaha!!

Well, I have to end this for now, but I will leave you with some pics of how Nut welcomed Susi...


Susi said...

gotta love the nut! jumping on me first thing in the morn.

dang! i forgot to send you the pic of you guys at the race!! i'll do that so you can add it to your blog.

i had a GREAT time out there! thanks for letting me stay!!

Kelly B. said...

Awww...cute photos!! If Susi ever comes to toon town, I will be sure to get pics of my kids on her back....kidding!!

And Good Job Mike!! That was a funny story...men and their testies...

Cath said...

Well done Mike mate - so IMC as a late entry this year - HAHAHAHA!

runningman said...

Great job Mike!! Those pics are hilarious. lol