Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hills are my friend

What did Jenna entitle her blog entry the other day? "Meh..." Oh man,I am so tired, but I am motivated beyond belief. Running hill repeats yesterday after my major swim-strengthening workout just about had me curled up in the fetus position afterwards. I was so ready to sleep! LOL! But, holy crap, I feel strong! Like my Mom would say, "Strong like bull!!" Hahahahaha!!

Only two more days of hills --- I can do this! Today is biking, and tomorrow, my two week hill stint ends with a bang: Weights with Charmaine, then a swim immediately afterwards, followed my running hill repeats while she bikes alongside. WHOOOO DOGGGY! Then, I'm off to stay with Susi for the weekend!!!!!! Can't wait to ride the "Road to Nepal" and her special "Lochend Loop!" It's going to be a great change getting some long rides in now. :):):)

I am so happy!!! Exhausted, but happy! :):) :) :)


Susi said...

uh, sweetpea....not sure how to break this to you...but your hills won't stop until after you leave. road to nepal and lochend are hills, hills, and more hills!!!

tee hee. you are rock star tho so is no biggie for ya!

Julie said...

Hahahaha!! Good point, Susi!! I guess the difference is that I won't be trying to charge up them like I'm being chased by a rabid skunk... LOL!

runningman said...

There are no hills at IMC are there?? Just two passes separated by flat!!! ha ha I was bugging Greg yesterday that he can turn left at Osoyoos first and do Anarchist since IMC doesn't have enough. Maybe you should do the same, hmmmmmm? You can climb that one, descend it, then cross over the valley and then do Richter. hee hee.

Jenna said...

uh yea Jules..that route has hills but nothing for you now ... will be a sunday stroll:) And I trie Duct tape but the location of the hot spots it dosnt stay on.... shoes so far.... might be good :)

Tina said...

No creeping for me, no sirreeee. Awesome blog, Julie. SOOOOOOO happy to have met you this weekend. I'm going to keep reading until after IMC! At the very least.

Tina (aka: bottomless sushi pit)

Julie said...

Hi Tina!! It was wonderful meeting you! Next time, we owe each other a coffee date AND I still have to meet your little puppy ball of love -- heehee!