Thursday, July 24, 2008

Swim until my face falls off

I have been so fortunate this year in meeting my buddy, Charmaine. Not only has she improved my swimming (exponentially), but she has been an amazing mentor and friend. I credit her with breaking me out of my same-pace swimming and jolting me to see that I am capable of much more...Because my same-pace mentality translated to my running and biking as well. To put it in her own words, "Julie, we know that you can run for hours on end, and that you can bike all day if you want to. You have to do something different to bring you up to the next level."

I LOVE working out with her!! It is so much fun, but challenging at the same time. There is just so much positivity that emanates from her -- she inspires me to become a better athlete AND a better person. :) :)

For the rest of this week and next week, she has me in the pool just strengthening my legs and arms. TONS of kicking and TONS of swimming with those webbed neoprene gloves. And sprinting with the kick board and gloves. And sets of butterfly kicking to strengthen my legs. I swear I sprouted another lung! HAHAHAHAHA!! I am not to actually "swim" for another week -- just concentrate on really kicking, and stretching my arms way out in front of me.

And lo and behold -- I think I am actually turning into a swimmer!! Hahahahaha! And having the time of my life. :) :) :) :) :)


Streaker said...

you already are a swimmer! You are so gonna rock IMC this year, I"m going to see this flash of pink wizz past and not know what hit me!

She sounds awesome! I'm so glad you found someone to take you to the next level! Just wait until next year, you are going to be out of control!

Cath said...

Well done you! Sounds like it's all working out really well!

Jenna said...

OMG i see a gill...right there (see me pointing)

Susi said...

i believe in the law of attraction. like attracts like - you both are phenomenal women - no wonder you found each other!

think charmaine would come visit up here and be swim drill sargeant to me?! haha

great job in the pool!

Kelly B. said...

Good to hear you have found your fins!! You are going to rock that course in Penticton...ALL of it!! Can't wait!