Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Susi's Abs

Need I say more? HOLY CRAPOLA! I bugged her during the weekend to show everyone her abs because you just don't see abs that rock hard anywhere. I didn't want to make her feel terribly self-conscious...but I wanted everyone to SEE!! My wish was granted on Sunday when Charmaine's hubby and I went out for a run. Susi hopped on my mountain bike, "Crash", and did a hell of a job biking in clipless shoes 2 sizes too big for her. AND she wore a sports bra and shorts. When she came out of the bedroom, I swear time just stopped and you could hear one big THUD! as everyone's jaws fell to the floor! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Susi -- you are so frigging ripped, it's awesome!

We had to cross the highway to get to the road I was taking them on -- actually this is the same "Road Kill Road" I wrote about in the spring. Heh-heh. Sorry Susi - had to let everyone in on it! Susi was like a turbo engine, blasting here and there, pedaling on grass and hills and then coming back to keep us company. Unlike me and my whining and complaining about clipless pedals on mountain bikes, Susi had NO problem whatsoever. She even gave me some tips about riding. I am still unsure about clipless, but I am stubborn too!

Later that afternoon, Susi, Charmaine and I went down to the lake for a quick swim. It was getting on in the afternoon and Susi still had to pack up, drive home, and get ready for her work week -- but I wanted her to stay! We swam a few times back and forth across the lake. The temperature of the water was perfect for wetsuit swimming, but Susi just about strangled herself in her wetsuit. The neck part was pushing right against her jugular so she felt like she was strangling herself every time she swam. She gamely tried getting out of the water to readjust her wetsuit -- but you know how impossible it is to adjust an already wet wetsuit!

Charmaine did indeed jump in the lake and swam WITHOUT a wetsuit, WITHOUT a cap, WITHOUT ear plugs, and WITHOUT goggles. God that woman is a monster. NOBODY swims this lake --- EVER. People only dawdle around by the shore line. There was even a kid who almost drowned about 4 years ago because the water was just too cold for him and essentially overwhelmed him. Not Charmaine! Mind you, her core was freezing after just one swim across the lake. The temperature of the middle of the lake is substantially cooler than the shore --- cold enough to even bother Charmaine.

After Susi left, we went up to Mike's Mom's horse camp and hung out for a while. Even fully dressed and sitting in the sun, Charmaine's core was still cold -- that gives you an idea about the lake. I decided to just change at the camp so sat on my towel in Mike's truck until we arrived. There were a few clients there and I made jokes to everyone as I emerged from the truck wearing nothing but my swimsuit: "I thought there was an outdoor pool here?"


Keith said...

I TOLD everyone that Susi had mega-serious abs. But did you believe me?? Nnnnnnnnooooooooooooo.

Char boot camp eh? Let's see if I survive an IG boot camp first!

Susi said...

omg, i am sooo embarassed right i'm going to have to start doing crunches ever night just to live up to what you wrote!yipes.

i was in TOTAL awe of charmaine in that lake - holy hannah!

let's give some credit where credit is due here too dude! you were awesome on the run - it was hot out and you had some really great climbs out there and yet you were smooth like butter! you are going to SLAY the IMC run course. i'm so happy i'm going to be there for it!!!

oh, and if you don't want those pedals, i'll gladly buy them off ya!

Julie said...

Oooooohhh -- I might just take you up on that offer of getting rid of those pedals. :) :) :) I think I would be a much happier mountain biker without those things -- I think I need some time to get used to the "mountain" part of biking before I have those pedals.