Friday, July 11, 2008

The Year of the Phenomenal Bug Bites

I think the first time I noticed the monstrous quality of bug bites this year was when I saw Darryl's wasp mishap on his leg. That little sting turned out to be a huge swollen mess. Well, now it's my turn...

About two weeks ago I was mobbed by mosquitos on my way from my car to the lake. I had already put on my wetsuit so they feasted on my feet and hands. Of course, I didn't notice until later that night when they started to itch and itch and itch. Unlike the relatively innocuous skeeter bites of my childhood, these suckers swelled and looked quite alarming. They have finally just about faded away but two days ago some freaking thing bit my neck and my left ankle and middle toe.

It is SOOOOOO itchy and the bites on my foot have swollen up like Darryl's leg --- well not that bad yet (LOL!) -- but huge nonetheless. When I woke up this morning, the redness from the bites had spread and there is a freaking blister (WTF??##$$) on my toe! I've never had a blister from a freaking bug bite before!!!

What is up with the bugs this year? Have they mutated? AAARRRRGGGHHH!!!!!!


Susi said...

i hate bugs!!! will have to remember to bring mucho bug spray. yikes.

Streaker said...

Ask Greg about his crazy infected bug bite!

calamine lotion STAT!

Iron Greg said...

Yeah i got a big monster of an infected bite too. It's getting better now, but it is still pretty ugly - and it's been a week since it first flared up. Had to see doc and get some meds to get rid of the infection.
I think the mosquitos have mutated too!!

Cath said...

I KNOW! We were at a friends' nght before last and I got 20-30 of the damn things - a yes they're like blisters too!

Shannon Keith Wicks said...

Bugs are bad here too.

Funny story, I was racing the Heritage Olympic in Calgary the last year they had it. Running side-by-side with a guy by the name of Adam Koppany.

We were chatting when all of a sudden, a wasp/bee flew into my mouth! It took about 10-12seconds to spit it out, but not before it stung the inside of my lip.

Having never been stung before I was a little worried. By the time I finished the race, my lips looked like I went crazy with the collagen.

Thankfully, there was a nurse at the finish line who took care of me.

Susi said...

i saw greg's bite...admittedly i nearly hurled much to gregory's amusement. it's so gross!!!

Jenna said...

yeah me an Chiara are covered in them from camping - big red welty and itchy as all heck!!

Julie - party hard and sorry to miss the party :) another time perhaps!!!