Thursday, July 3, 2008

Osoyoos Bound

I'll be packing everything up today and leaving tomorrow for Osoyoos. I went for a lake swim yesterday and noticed (to my alarm) that I had two significant tears in my wetsuit. They were deep too -- only luck prevented them from becoming a genuine hole. I have no idea how I nicked my suit -- fingernails, rocks, etc. Mind you, I've put four years of wear into that suit so I suppose some wear and tear is normal. I was nervous going into the lake with it -- what if it becomes a hole? How am I going to fix it? Why does this have to happen days before my race?

After my swim and after my wetsuit dried, I went over the suit inch-by-inch. Armed with super glue, I fixed every nick and tear I could find. I was quite pleased with my handiwork! I kept thinking that the worst case scenario would be to crack out a roll of duct tape -- I remember Trevor telling us (in Penticton) how moments before a race, he pulled his wetsuit zipper too aggressively and ripped it right out! He had a couple of people literally wrap duct tape around him like a mummy!! LOL!!!

Have a great weekend of racing everyone!!!!!

Good luck Kelly -- you are going to have an awesome time!!

Jenna -- Rock on, girl! Let'er rip!! LOL!!

Kelsey -- "The Naked Triathlete" -- Hehe-hehe-heheh-- Sorry, I can't help it ever since you told me about the skinny-dipping lake where your race is going to be held! Good luck on your race and think "turtle." :) :) :)

Darryl - Have a great race and don't hold anything back -- you are going to have a GREAT swim this time!!!!


qtlibrarian said...

you'll love this one then! Last night we were doing on open water swim and I thought I had packed everything the night before. When I was 1/2 there I realized that my bathing suit was air drying in the spare bathroom!!!

I was fine until Greg suggested that we practice transition.

Have an amazing race girl.

Julie said...

Hahahahahahahahahahaha!! Nudie in the wetsuit!! LOL!! AWESOME!!!

runningman said...

Thanks Julie, I wish you the best in Osoyoos!! I hope your swim goes well too!! I will be chanting in my head "Slowwwww, Relaxxxxxxx, Slowwwwwwww, Relaxxxxxxxx"

Kelly B. said...

Hey Julie...You have a wonderful race this weekend as well!! Will be thinking about you on Sunday!!

Cath said...

I'll be thinking of you every step of the way, so if it hurts a little bit just think Cath and Jase are right behind me! :) You're a star and will blow them apart this weekend - enjoy it and keep that smile grinning from ear to ear!

Love the wetsuit story - you're such a practical gal!

Lots of love and big hugs over the big water!

Susi said...

have an awesome time out there! i'll be sending you positive vibes while i'm cheering on the rest of the gang up at GWN.

rock the swim, bike and run like you know how!


Shannon Keith Wicks said...

Good luck!

Jenna said...

whoo power!!!! Love the duct tape story - bet that threw the stripers a surprise when they had to unwrap him.....

HAve A GREAT race!!!

Jenna said...

evrytime i saw anything pink out there this weekend - I thought of my crazy friend Julie pushing through her half!!! waiting for an update:)