Friday, July 18, 2008

Tired in a Good Way!

This last week has been an awesome chunk of training. I had been itching to get back out there after the Osoyoos 1/2, but knew from experience that I had to take a couple of easy days and just do recovery type workouts. I started things off with another hike up Turtle Mountain with Jake on Saturday. Then, for my long run on Sunday, I drove my mountain bike up to this path, and then ran up and down steep hills for about 75 minutes. Ummm -- I should say these were mountain sides I ran up. The great thing about this, is that when I came back onto the road the "hills" there looked so puny!!! I had just ran up these steep dirt paths and the undulating road hills were nothing in comparison -- It's all mental isn't it?

Plus, I am learning to run on tired legs -- really tired and sore legs!! And you know what -- it's not such a big deal anymore!! My legs are so much stronger and I've noticed they don't take as long to recover.

I did two major bike rides this week -- Tuesday was 150 km in 5 hours, yesterday was 158km in 6 hours and then a 20 minute run. I incorporated Tuesday's tempo workout into my overall ride, then hustled down to the lake for a 30 minute swim. Wednesday was a 40 minute run in the hilly trails, then a killer strength workout with Charmaine followed by a grueling swimming session with her. So, I was excited to see what I had left in the tank for Thursday. I was pretty pooped when I got home and conked out in the middle of doing laundry. :) :) :)

Even though I was tired I felt sooooooooo good!! I remember last year, and how riding that much was such a big deal -- now it's not such a big deal anymore!! I love seeing how my fitness improves and I love feeling my strength increase!!! More than ever, I am learning just how much mental training is involved -- so often I place limitations on myself -- sometimes without realizing it, only to discover that they are holding me back physically -- WOW!

That's what I love about this sport -- I keep learning something new just about everyday!! :) :):)


Susi said...

just to running up and down steep hills and 150+ rides easy recovery?! haha.

freak. ;)

i know the feeling that you speak of - i was amazed at how rides that i considered long, seemed short and very doable this year. gaining fitness is a wonderful thing!!

Keith said...

Hmmm. You might be disappointed with Road to Nepal. It's a nice ride, but I think you're gonna eat the hills and go looking for more.

That's quite the work out schedule, for recovery! Oh, and Susi forced me, FORCED ME to update my blog.

Kelly B. said...

Oh goodie! There is hope for me on the bike! Many have said that it can improve year over year and that is what I am hanging on to!!!!

Streaker said...

I'm so happy to hear your week of big training is going well!

Keep me posted!

I double your sentiments. Last year biking 180 km would have been crazy this year a piece of cake (hard to swollow, tough to chew cake mind you!)

runningman said...

Wow, good work!!