Friday, February 15, 2008

Blasting Inferno or the Infernal Blasting

So, living in the Crowsnest Pass has its pros and cons. Beautiful mountain vistas, secluded trails (where bush pit stops during long runs are possible without peeping onlookers), tons of wildlife, no mosquitos and clean mountain air. The downside? The eternal blasting wind. 80 - 100km per hour wind. All the time. Therefore, after 7 years of winter running with ever-increasing layers of clothing, I have decided to take my running indoors to the treadmill. The last time I went winter running, I was so garbed up, my heart rate escalated just from all the clothing:
  1. Balaclava, neckwarmer pulled up to eyes, toque, earwarmers over toque to keep out wind.
  2. Long sports bra top, 2 thermal long-sleeved tops, thermal jacket, wind jacket
  3. 2 pairs thermal tights, wind resistant lined pants.

Don't get me wrong, when I drive to Sparwood for my morning swim, the CALM winter weather entices me to run -- but after 7 years (or 7 circles of Hell??:) :) of blasting cold) I feel quite entitled to call it quits! My poor doggies on the other hand . . . Besides, my big races are done in 30 degree Celsius + heat. For anyone who has ever attempted long runs on a treadmill, you will know just how much I hate the wind when I find 2.5 hour treadmill runs enjoyable!! I happily run along with my new iPod and am truly blissful!

Mind you -- as soon as spring hits, I will be outside in all my glory! :) :)

My big goals for this year are to greatly increase my running mileage. Last year, I began increasing my running volume 3 months before IMC and my body felt really good with it. This year, I am more aggressive in my plan to rack up the miles. I have a great coach - Iron Greg who has coached me through three IMC's and all my doubts, questions, and worries. He still astonishes me his patience and calm demeanor. He is flying out to Malaysia tomorrow to compete in his umpteenth IM in hopes of achieving his dream of earning a Kona slot. Good luck Greg!!!!!!


Iron Greg said...

Welcome to the Blog World!!!
Thanks Julie!! Bags are packed, my body is ready and it is time to go!!! Talk to you soon :)

Cath said...

Woohoo, welcome to the world of blogging. This of course is fab for us, as we can now track you're every move and training!

Just for the record and for everyone that is reading this, Julie is my inspiration in triathlon and got me all enthused after we first met at Elkford Triathlon 2 years ago! Me on my old tourer not really knowing what I was doing when, but hey, it was a blast!

Anyhow, through Julie's encouragement, such positive belief in life and funny stories she's kept and my husband Jase going more times than I'd care to remember!

Anyhow, chat soon and see you real soon too - less than 4 weeks and we'll be flying across the atlantic from l'il ol' England - CAN'T WAIT! x