Sunday, February 17, 2008

Long Run Sunday

It's funny -- when I talk to non-triathletes, the question invariably arises, "So which sport do you like the most?" Now, how can I possibly answer that question without going into a long, rambling, philosophical diatribe? A triathlon isn't simply a race composed of swimming, biking, and running. A triathlon really starts the moment you start training for one. The early morning swims, the bike rides, and the long runs segue into a lifestyle -- eating right, getting enough sleep, being in tune with your body. You learn your weaknesses and see how sometimes you can change them into strengths. The ultimate goal is in achieving a balance - a seamless flow between all three sports. And, like life, the journey is far more important than the destination.

Through triathlon, I have blasted through self-imposed limitations I didn't even know existed! Things that I was afraid of trying, became things I had accomplished: Like the first open water swim race in which I had a panic attack, but then pulled it together; Or the first time I actually changed a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. Triathlon not only heaved me out of old ruts and bad habits, but it rekindled my joy in life -- Anything IS possible! This is a powerful lesson that has carried over into my work, my relationships, and all facets of daily life. So, when asked the question, "Which sport is your favourite?", be prepared for the can of worms that is about to be opened!!!

In keeping with my goal of increasing my running mileage this year, I am tickled to report that I ran 16 miles this morning. That brings me to a total of 36 miles for the week. Yeehaw!! I wore longer spandex shorts to eliminate my inner thigh chafing problem and had a great run.

Well, that's it for tonight! Onward to the new week of training!!


Cath said...

Yowza! 16 miles eh?! My longest is 10, though as a meagre Olympic Distance girl, that's enough for me!

You're SO right with tri's giving you a balance and persepctive on things, certainly helps me with my work sometimes - what seemed a really big deal when I walked out of work somehow wasn't such a problem when I walked back in the next day!

I'm off swimming tonight - and Jase is coming with me - we;re so lucky, it's only a 2 minute walk from our flat!

Julie said...

So does this mean that a triathlon is really in the future for our favourite "non-standard" Englishman??? Well, he has the best swimming coach ever!!