Friday, February 22, 2008

Great workout day

First, I have to say good luck to my coach, Greg, who is racing Ironman Malaysia as I type this. I am continually checking on his and Susi's blog to see how things are going. Susi was kind enough to take and upload a few pics of Greg racing already!!! I am so excited for him -- GO GREG GO!!!

Today I had a fabulous workout day -- the sun was shining and there was little wind again! I swam for 70 min. Main set of 10x25, 10x50, 5x100, 10x50, 10x25. Then I decided to do a reverse brick -- heehee! It was so beautiful outside, I just had to get out there and run. I ended up going for 8.10 miles. After that, I biked ez for 70 min. I quickly headed to the gym to do my core routine and now I am pooped!!!

Keith -- I think I am one of those people who emit some kind of EMP or something! HAHAHA!

Cath -- I hope you had a wonderful 3 hour ride! I am jealous that you get to bike outside already! :) :) Nice to hear your Hamburg certficate finally showed up -- next one . . . Australia World Championships. I have a feeling I am going to be starting a nice collection of British Triathlon fleeces!! Hey -- I should get you some IM merchandise!

Bye all -- gotta eat then crash!


Jason said...

Wasa EMP?

Julie said...

Ddin't you ever watch the Matrix trilogy? It is an electro-magnetic pulse -- completely disables all electronic equipment. Don't I astonish you with my scientific knowledge? Well at least the bits that I gather from the cinema! LOL!!!

Jenna said...

Hey!!! I just learned you finally have a blog -- now i need to add you to my "blogs i hit!!"

I thought I had EMP too - till i realized i pressed the wrong button on my stupid HR monitor - that i returned 3 times cus it was broke!! LOL