Wednesday, February 27, 2008

#%$&@!* WIND!!!

Today was so bloody windy I unleashed a string of curses to the sky. The thing was -- I had made up my mind to run outside and once I make up my mind, I don't like to change it. I call it being overly patient -- a friend of mine calls it being stubborn. The sun was warm, and apart from that blasted stupid wind, it was a nice day. Once I am off the treadmill -- I just want to stay off it, you know?

All the roads here run east to west -- or west to east depending on your viewpoint. :) So, there is no getting away from the wind. You have to pick your path and then gut it out. The wind blows from the west 99% of the time, and today was no different. The gusts literally stopped me in my tracks. I was running in one spot -- I thought to myself: I may as well be on the treadmill. Then -- something happened inside me -- I sort of forgot about being angry and just dealt with each moment as it came.

And, the way back was awesome!! I flew!! I felt like bloody Steve Prefontaine!!!! HAHAHAHA!! Total miles for today was 9.17. I had done my new core workout at the gym just prior to my run. I am inching ever so closer to an actual chinup --Oh I am going to be so excited when I do one. I'll probably have to interrupt other people at the gym just to tell them!! hee-hee.

Swimming this morning was great too -- I felt like a superhero in the water. The bullet was back in action!! ---Legend in My Own Mind --- :) :) :) :) Warm up, drills (my fave is the fisted drills), then 5x300 on 30 sec rest.

Thought for the Day: Toby versus the Yak. What do they have in common?

  1. Both live at altitude
  2. Both have long shaggy hair that keeps them warm in the winter.
  3. A yak will nudge you in your guts if you piss it off. Toby will nudge you in your behind which will piss you off! :)


Charlie Browne said...

Hey Julie...impresive run with that wind!! Looking forward to the post claiming victory over the chin up...

Jenna said...

lol...overly patient? Hmmm - never heard that one before. You and Charlie Browne have something in common - only he is just plain stubborn.

I bet all that wind training serves you well in the log run :)

Keith said...

Overly patient?? That's almost as good as Susi's "You have a six pack, it's just insulated."

Cath said...

This isn't the Julie that I know - she's not stubborn! :) I had to smile so much when I read today's entry - you know yourself soooo well! Funny! Was reading your swimming bit - can't wait to swim together again - see that bullet go! Often think of the morning swim in Surveyors lake - that was soo perfect!

Just 2 weeks and we'll be in Canada again - but maybe not swimming in the lake JUST yet!

Keep up the good work - you're a star! x

Alan Keller said...

Sounds pretty good! Can you get a workout buddy to take a picture of your first chin-up? If not, an artist's rendering will do, too. :P