Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bring Back the VHS!!!

Oh how I miss the good old days of the VHS. . . when I could simply press pause and the tape would (gasp) pause! Or if you accidentally hit a button on the remote, the worst that could happen would be a stopped tape. Not like now! First of all, do you know how many DVD players I have gone through? I lost count after 5. All of them stopped working for one reason or another. Here is a list of a few of them:

  • One only plays certain DVDs -- don't know why, so I bought another one.
  • One had to be propped up in a special way, usually with a DVD case underneath it to give it just the right tilt.
  • The same one only responded to Mike's loving touch.
  • Our newest one also likes Mike more than me --I will push buttons on the remote and the machine and nothing will happen. Mike waltzes by and it promptly works! He looks at me like I am crazy!!
  • One just stopped working -- and it was more expensive than a WalMart special.
But the worst thing about DVD players is the amount of times you hit the wrong button on the remote and it sends you to the main menu where you have to search through the scenes just to get back to where you left off. Or if the disc isn't absolutely clean it just won't play. NONE OF THESE PROBLEMS EXISTED WITH MY OLD RELIABLE VCR!!!!!!

Fortunately, I do have a combo VHS/DVD player -- and guess what? The DVD side doesn't work anymore!!!! I have combed through multiple garage sales and accepted VHS tape donations from my sister who "updated" to a DVD player. I have quite the selection in my VHS library -- I just wish I could update it with newer movies. I've watched all of them many, many times - and you can't buy VHS tapes anymore. :(

For those of you who enjoy the technological superiority of a DVD player -- all the power to ya! However, give me a good old VCR any day!!!! LOL!!!!

Onto the workouts for today: Weights in the morning. Then I had a doctor's appointment . . . with Dr. Oetker that is!! HAHAHAHA!! I made some brownies and they were really, really good! Then I had a brick workout -- 1 hour 40 min. bike: warm up, one legged drills, cadence pyramid work, then more cadence work. Then a 30 min. run of 3 miles.

Good times!

:) :) :) :)


Keith said...

I have worked with all sorts of people, training them how to use software programs. I am convinced there are people that put out an aura that electronic equipment hates. So buttons don't work, programs exhibit unexpected behaviour, and they stop working at unpredictable times. :-(

Cath said...

But you're a young 'un, you should be able to work it out - now, for old decrepid people like me, there's an excuse......!

Training sounds like it's going well, love hearing all about it! I'm off for a 3 hour bike ride in the morning - off round where Jase and I used to live about 8 years ago, so should be like old times!


Jason said...

The trouble is you shouldn't be using the cd tray as a place to store your peanut butter on toast!