Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Summer of '86

I had this trip down memory lane today. I have no idea what triggered it, but that's how memories are sometimes, eh? For the full effect of this entry, I suggest listening to the song while reading...heh-heh!

Back in 1986, when I was in Grade 6, I received a pogo stick for my birthday. I loved that thing. I bounced on it all the time. I even took it to school with me and bounced on it during recess and lunch break. After a time, I grew quite adept at it. I could go for longer and longer periods of time without tiring or losing my balance. I had found that special pogo groove!

One day during lunch break, I started jumping on my pogo stick as usual (and yes, I was a strange child) until something happened. . . I couldn't stop. I mean I could have stopped if I had wanted to, but I had hit that groove and kept going and going. I was bouncing on this thing for like 45 minutes when the other kids started to form a circle around me. Someone asked how many jumps I was on, and then all these kids started to count aloud every time I pogoed. Soon, the lunch buzzer rang, but by this time, the teachers were outside counting too. It was a small school -- so all the teachers and all the kids from Grades 4-6 were outside that day all counting my pogo bounces. Kids started talking about a world record -- and still everyone was counting 1110, 1111, 1112, 1113,1114 . . . then the inevitable happened -- 1115 was my last pogo bounce. There was a sort of anticlimactic sigh and we all went back inside to classes.

I never thought about trying to make a record -- I just loved that pogo stick. Of course, in later years I found out the record for pogo stick jumping is just absurdly weird -- they jump for over 24 hours straight. But, I was just in Grade 6 so us kids didn't really know. We were all just excited!

My nickname from then on was "Jumper"!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!! Every evening there was a call-in request show on the local radio. We would request songs to each other using our nicknames -- after that pogo incident, Van Halen's song Jump was forever mine. HAHAHAHA!!!

So -- onto today's workout!! Had a 110 min. ride planned with main set of 7x6 min at 140-150W / 4 min. at 100-110W. I felt great so I ended up riding for 3 hours. Later on, I went to the gym and did some weights. I attempted my chin ups about 15x -- thankful that there was only one other person there!

Also my Mikey is coming back from the north!!!! He is a directional driller and has been working for almost a month now -- we missed Valentine's Day, but the great thing is, is all the goodies are 50% off now!! hee-hee! Yes I am a cheapskate!!!!


Jenna said...

Hey Jumper!! Great pogo story :) You are a rock star!!

qtlibrarian said...

baaa now that's going to be stuck in my head all morning!

Great story, the simple joys of being a kid should never be forgotten!

Charlie Browne said...

really, what does one say to a girl in regards to such a story!!

Cath said...

That had me in stitches - and d'you know, I know it' soooo true and can just imagine it!

Give Mike a hug from us, hope he's not gone too crazy up in the crazy north!

Off down to the South West of England tomorrow - but managed to time my visit so I can get a run in before I go and and a swim in when I get back! :)