Thursday, February 28, 2008

Monthly bike test

Whew doggie! Today was the monthly 20 minute bike test. I started with a 30 minute warm up, then did 2x2min. of building intensity to test pace (aka pedal like stink!) then 5 minutes easy. Then the fun began!!! Th idea is to pedal like a mad fool at a consistently mad pace (for 20 min), then record all the important data to give to Coach Greg. Boy, the last 12 minutes made me sound like a porn star. Every inhale and exhale was accompanied by noise! HAHAHA!!! Here are my results:

Average speed: 19.6 mph
Average watts: 172W
Average heart rate: 168
Average RPM: 100
Distance: 6.54 miles

My arms and fingers were all tingly after this monumental effort. After I was able to breathe normal again, I did a proper cool down -- so total bike time was 80 min. Later on, I recovered (I was surprised!) so I went to the gym and did a 4.12 mile run, then some weights. I know you are waiting to hear ... the elusive chinup is getting ever so nearer. I am starting to notice how it feels when I pull myself up a centimeter or two. When I get close, I am going to start bringing my camera -- Woe to the poor sucker who happens to be at the gym when I finally do one!!!! They are going to be the recipient of all my joy and the designated picture-taker!!!! :) :) :) :)

Now, I gotta go read all these other lovely blogs!! Have a good one! :) :)


Charlie Browne said...

I think you should set the camera on video and tape the whole chin up so we are able to watch it on your blog and cheer!!

Jenna said...

I think that is a great idea Charlie Browne!!!

Great test!! A porn star hey? I am known as Cuddles Witherspoon ( take your first pet and your mothers maiden name) when I do my Ab Boot Camp cycles - honestly - there is some serious grunting, panting, groaning, moaning and that is usually only a start on the fisrt set....

Keith said...

There's a song by Queen that comes to mind. "Sheeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr Heart Attack!"