Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Here she is!!! I took Diva to the vet's bright and early today to find out just what was going on. It turns out her anti-inflammatory meds for her arthritis are to blame. No platelets in her blood. So, she is on a mongo regimen of steroids for 1 week and then she'll go back on Monday for more bloodwork. My vet told me that as a result of the steroids, Diva will be drinking LOTS of water, her appetite will increase, she will pee like a dingbat, and she will be panting a lot. HAHAHA! The funny thing is, is we already call her "The Panter." In the middle of the night, she will get hot and start panting right by the bed. It drives Mike crazy!!

Thanks for the good wishes Cath!! I cried a little bit when I was at the clinic, and it took every once of strength to hold them back. I was on the verge of a full-on blubber -- but I managed (somehow) to keep it together and then the tears went away. I wanted to be really calm for Diva.

After Diva gave some blood, I went for an easy 3 mile run, then did some weights. I had taken a 2 week hiatus from the weights as the extra fatigue generated from it was wearing me down. Well, that is not exactly true -- I found that my nutrition has to be pretty much bang on with all the working out I'm doing. Not to say I don't love my treats, but one of my problems was I wasn't eating enough and thus would fatigue quickly. Oh well, live and learn, eh? :)

Later on, I biked for 2 hours 10 min. Peanut was in her usual spot -- right in front of me, just waiting for the chance to jump on my back. She is close enough to watch but not close enough to make it on my back when I'm in aero. I do have to pet her chin a few times when I bike though. Hey! I wonder if IG should some how integrate that into my bike workouts? Intervals of Peanut cheek scratching?? :) :)

I warmed up, did some one-legged drills in the harder gears, a cadence pyramid and for the main set, I did:
  • 7 x 6 min @ 140-150W/ 4 min @ 100-110W
I had a great workout. After taking IG's advice, Lo and Behold! I felt very good. You see, when he says bike at 140-150W, I would automatically try to go harder. Of course by the middle of the workout, I am ready to die and have not accomplished the purpose of the workout. So -- thanks AGAIN Greg!!!!


Keith said...

Orange tabbies are my total fave!! Oh, and great workout. One of these days I'll have to hook up to someone's trainer that has a watt meter, see if I can get up to 100.

Cath said...

Hey Diva! You're a one, keeping us on our toes like that! Great news though that she's ok though.

Hey look at you go girl on your bike. I've been running tonight (after a REALLY early start to go to another country called Wales this morning first thing). Then it's turbo in the morning before work, and if possible a swim after work.....BUT depends if there's enough time before we need to go to the Opera - yep, can you believe it, me and Jase are off to the Opera! x