Saturday, March 1, 2008

Friday's workouts

Yesterday was still pretty windy, but I just kept thinking how good it feels when I turn around and fly on the return portion! I ran 8.11 miles -- feeling great. If I had my water bottle with me, I would have gone further. My body keeps telling me: Run, Julie, Run! :) :)

Had an easy bike of 45 minutes, then swam in the evening for 45 minutes: 3 sets of 10x50 on 10 sec rest, and 90 sec between sets. Popped to the gym afterwards to get my core workout in and a few more chinup attempts.


Jenna said...

how close to the bar are you now???

Charlie Browne said...

ohhhh...i can see you getting closer to completion....stretch your neck

Julie said...

Good idea -- I should definitely stretch my neck. My arms are not so much at a 45 degree angle anymore -- I am getting there!!