Wednesday, June 4, 2008

6 minute bike, 25 minute walk

Yesterday I drove to Sparwood to get whipped by the drill sergeant, Charmaine. We have a mew girl that has decided to join our Tuesday and Thursday gruel sessions! We were, grunting, lunging, squatting, and doing sit ups all between bouts of laughing. Good times!!

I had planned on biking in K-Country, but the weather looked too formidable and I decided to do hill repeats on the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre hill instead. I was going to bike to Coleman first, as I had to go to the bank, and then go to Gord's for another bottle cage (I stupidly broke my other one!). A mere six minutes into the ride I heard a giant HISSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

My rear tire was slashed open by some horrible thing lying on the road (Never found it). FRIG! I turned around and walked Madge back all the way to my house -- I'm glad the wind wasn't with me on the bike, or I would have had a much longer walk!!

Fortunately I had a spare tire --a nice kevlar one at that, so I got to work and changed my tube and tire. My second attempt at riding was much better and after a good warm up, I headed back to Frank to do some hill work. I was going to meet some people about mid-way up the hill for a hike at 5:30pm, but there was no way I could make it -- I still had 50 minutes of cycling and then a 30 min. brick when I checked my watch at 5:35pm.

As it turned out, there was only one vehicle waiting at the cattle guard, so I introduced myself to a girl that was waiting there -- maybe next time! The clouds were pretty ominous in the sky, and I think the dark, rolling blackness frightened off any other would-be hikers.

My workout went really well, but it was long past my supper before I was done. I still had to clean up and then dash to Sobey's -- they take 10% off your purchases the first Tuesday of each month,and this is when I buy my frozen strawberries for my morning shake!! Gotta save that moolah!! LOL!!

I'm planning on biking the Highwood Pass on Thursday --I have been religiously checking the weather network's site and it looks like Thursday will be the hottest and driest day this week. So, I have primed my water bottles full of Carbo-pro and Gatorade and I am chomping at the bit to get out there!!!


Susi said...

is a 'mew girl' kinda like catgirl? heh heh.

you and kelsey sure are getting tire changing practice!

wish i could meet you in k-country...alas i will be changed to cubicle desk. sigh...

Keith said...

And I will be chained to office desk. Enjoy your ride!

Cath said...

You dedicated chic you! BTW - I'm finally over my virus, just in time for my first tri this weekend in Blenheim! Phew!

In 4 weeks we'll also be in Canada - woo hoo! can't wait to catch you on the way back from Osoyoos x

Julie said...

Good luck Cath!! I am so excited for you!! I looked up your number on the Blenheim site : Go Numero 2139!!!!

Jenna said...

i wanna ride that ride with you and susi!!! Flats suck. bad weather sucks. but your attitude will get you anywhere YOU NEED TO BE!!! Good for sticking it out!!

runningman said...

Good job gettin the workout in Julie! You girls all have great attitudes.