Sunday, June 22, 2008

One hurtin' unit!

Apart from being basically glued to the computer watching Susi's race and then reading Cath's race report (BTW, CATH KICKS ASS!!!!!), I did sneak out for a 1hour 45min run this afternoon. My quads are THROBBING!!! A delirious kind of pain that my quadzillas haven't known for a long time. That hike up Turtle yesterday utilized my quads in ways they haven't been used in a while.

I was really stiff this morning and moving my legs in any manner was painful. I knew that my long run was going to be a good trial! Hee-hee! Was it ever!! Have you ever ran on extremely painful legs? Well, this was a first for me -- The going was a bit slow at first, but my legs gradually warmed up and didn't hurt as bad. Either that or I got used to the pain!

In any case, the pain was bearable and I chugged along quite nicely. I took a different route and threw in a couple of hills to see just how much more pain I could endure!! LOL!! My legs held up (barely!) and then I turned to run back home, this time with the wind at my back.

I could definitely feel my legs, but I didn't let them slow me down -- I was driving the pain train! As the final torture test, I ran up and down the kid's bike course by the river instead of staying on the trail. They were actually a lot of fun! The first one was a killer -- especially because I had to run DOWN the other side! OUCH!

But the rest of the little hills took about two or three strides to get up, and when I got to the top, it's like the momentum made me fly over them -- it felt so awesome! Hee-hee! I ran to the river afterwards (it's about a 2 minute walk from my house!) and slowly hobbled into this deep pool of water. Every step was accompanied by a grimace of pain and an OW!

The best way for me to immerse my quads was to kneel in the water. The depth was just perfect and oooooohhhhhh did it ever feel good!!! I was just about delirious again, only this time with a delicious sense of accomplishment! Hee-hee! Right at that moment a groovin' song came on my iPod and I just blissed right out!!!

The spot where I was kneeling is right across from the Fas Gas parking lot and close to where the employees park their vehicles. I saw this one young guy get something out of his vehicle and knew he could see me through the trees, keeling in the river -- HAhAHAHAHAHA!! I wonder what he was thinking!! LOL!!!!

After that, my blissness jacked up another level,and I tilted my head back and looked up through the green leafy branches of the trees and to the blue, blue sky where some wispy clouds blew by. BLISS!!!!

I started laughing to myself -- The cold water felt so good on my legs I didn't want to get out! I finally emerged, and for about 3 minutes, I could walk pain free -- then the pain came back! :) :)

What a day!!! :) :) :) :)


runningman said...

Wow I could have used that cold water soaking yesterday, wish we had a creek running near by. Good job on the tough workout.

Cath said...

The bike in the race just reminded me of the Pass - 75kph winds with hills and hairpin bends - ouch! Thought of you each time I was grinding up the hills - you were my inspiration to dig a bit deeper!

Oh, what I would give for a swim in the lake right grey concrete blocks in the middle of the city, that's for sure!

Jenna said...

You know he thought you were peeing :)Great workout.... always pushing it just a wee bit further aren;t ya!!!