Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The incredible shrinking ... ankles????

I have never had problems with my weight. My Mom and Dad are slim folks and apparently the genes carried through. As a teenager, I was a very late bloomer. I'm talking no growth spurts at all -- I weighed 98 lb. on my graduation day and fit into kids clothes. Little kids clothes. I finally got boobs when I turned 22 -- go figure. I went from a 32A to a definite bra-wearing 36B a few weeks after my 22nd birthday. Go figure.

Sorry guys if this is freaking you out, but hey -- I'm freaky and I know it!! LOL!!!!!

Anyways, I always worked out -- but really started when I was 19. I never really had any program or anything to follow -- I would just go for a bike or a run or go to the gym. Since I've started this triathlon thing -- I have seen my body go through HUGE changes. It's like it must take a few years before you start getting definition or soemthing - because it is only this year that I have noticed definite changes in the old bod.

You know how when you see someone every day, you don't notice the incremental changes in weight loss as much as you would if you saw them only sporadically? Well, for some time now I have been noticing my ass has been tightening up. LOL!! But not enough to really see it, you know -- just enough to think that it is shrinking.

Also, my legs are transforming -- now this is the weird part. I have been noticing that my socks have been getting loose around my ankles -- LOL!! I am not joking about this. These are my tight-fitting running and cycling socks. The changes were small at first but yesterday --- KAPOW!!!!

I bent over to stretch a bit before my brick run and my socks were freaking LOOSE around my ankles. I could stick a finger in the gap between my ankle and my sock...WTF???


As for the bum ... like I said I am not trying to lose weight or anything, just tooling along like I normally do, but for the first time in forever, my jean size is different. I always fit into size 6, and I was at this awesome second hand clothing place the other day and saw this pair of Halogen jeans size 4. Looking at them, I thought, I think these might actually fit me.

I held them against my body, then would look at them, hold them against my legs, until I thought to myself -- just buy the frigging things! You see, you can fit as much as you want into an Overwaitea shopping bag for $5.00 -- and the ladies are very generous about filling it up -- Lets's just say that I had that bag stretched beyond measure with stuff spilling out of it. I also bought a new backpack (mine got a big tear in it from Saturday's mountain bike ride) and a purse for $0.50 each!!!

:) :) :)

I got home and tried the jeans on and they totally fit!! Hmmmm.. now I need to buy some new pairs of socks!! LOL!!!


Kelly B. said...

I am so glad you posted this...seriously! I was thinking when I started all this tri business I would EASILY lose weight...I have lost 7 pounds...THAT'S IT!!! All this work and all i get is 7? But this is the second time someone has said it takes a few years for the bod to change...but I really just wanted to look good on the beach this summer...hahahahaha!!!

Keith said...

Of all the problems in the world to have, this is a good one. If you like shopping. Which I don't. Don't forget socks could have stretched. There isn't much room at the ankles to shrink if you've never been overweight. Lots of bony bits in there. Geez, if it takes a couple years for definition to set in, maybe there's still hope for a 6 pack.

And you totally realize that just about every other woman that reads your blog hates you now, right? lol.

Susi said...

i so don't hate you! you have given me hope. i've been doing this for two years and have seen minimal changes in the bod.

as me mum says, i've been blessed with strong sturdy scottish legs!

so now i will just carrying on as i have and hope that in another,what?, four years say, that i might have defined legs! oh, and skinny ankles. haha.

oh, and keith....uhm, if a gal says that something is now loose on not to find reasons why other than the fact she's lost size. just a hint there. haha.

runningman said...

If I loose more weight people see it in my face first. My cheek bones start showing more and more. Gratz on your physiological changes. :)

Jenna said...

yeah all this hard work and NUTHING!!! I got skinny ankles I just don't have the rest of the body to go with it:)