Thursday, June 19, 2008

Good swim, good run

Hit the pool yesterday and had somewhat of an epiphany - I had a heightened awareness of my stroke and what bad habits I revert to. I concentrated on how far underneath the water my hand went before I started to pull -- I noticed slight changes that made it more difficult for me to swim, and easier. Tomorrow,I'm heading out to the lake for my morning swim. :)

I was a hurting unit after the weights and core on Tuesday -- I was in more pain from that workout than from my Wasa race!! LOL! Go figure! I was going to head to the gym this morning, but decided against it -- I'm just too pooped.

Went for an easy run later on in the afternoon with Diva and Toby, but poor Diva had a really hard go of things. This is my same little dog who used to run beside the car going upwards of 50km/hour when we used to fool around on back gravel roads. She has always been used to running ahead of me, and the poor little thing has a hard time now just to keep up. Granted, I took her a bit further than what we've done lately, so it was my fault. She was really limping afterwards, so I am going to just start taking her on easy walks to the river where she can wade in and get her belly wet to cool down. (She's too afraid to swim since she's gone blind).

I also have this new arthritis medicine for her to try -- non-steroidal, so I am hoping this will help too. She still had a blast yesterday though -- the babies love it when they get really hot running, and then get to cool down in the water. The only difference is that now, it doesn't take too long for Diva to get pooped. :) I think I might start taking only Toby out with me for my runs, but it just breaks my heart to leave Diva at home. After a run, I can just take her and Toby out for a short little walk.

Today's schedule calls for a ride (YAY!) and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the winds aren't too hairy today. If there are no crosswinds, I'll head to Castle Mountain; otherwise I'll head toward Sparwood. I much prefer pedaling into a headwind, and then turning around and FLYING home!! :) :)


qtlibrarian said...

Seriously where do you find the time! I consider it a good week if I can get through my standard IG workouts let alone weights and core!

Have a great ride!

Jenna said...

I was thinking the same thing.Weights and core fell to the way side a while back. maybe that is why my damn mommy belly is hangin over my knees ...baaa haaaaa. If I planked now - my belly could hold me up :)

Hope there are no hairy crosswinds (which I envision as a hairy assed troll for somereason)...get out there and ride!!!

Shannon Keith Wicks said...

We use to give Mabel glucosimine (sp?) before she got sick. It was a special pet blend - not sure if it was any different from human stuff other then being beef in flavour ;)

Hope you enjoyed your ride!

runningman said...

Have a great ride Julie mine was great yesterday!

Cath said...

I've only ever had one week when I've done my full schedule :)

Fingers crossed for the ride, Julie! Hoping the forecast rain changes to sun for the race on Sunday!....

Keith said...

Ah, the heightened awareness in the swim. That is good. Remember how that felt, and hope it happens again. But don't try, it doesn't work that way. When it happens, and you relax, you'll find yourself going through the water with much less effort. So much less that it's easier to keep going than to stop.

This taper week thing is sort of weird, hardly any workout, but lots of race prep.