Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pity Party Trip Over, Official Results In

Ok, so after a good knock on the head and a solid email from my very good friend, Cath, I am now back to normal. No more griping about my swimming -- I promise. I guess I just had a sudden attack of masochism or something! ;)

I hereby promise to continue swimming with as much heart and soul and pure enjoyment as before. :) :)

Here are my official times:

Swim: 30:47
Bike: 1:17:21
Run: 51:42
Total: 2:39:48
Place: 12/34 AG

Jake's Time: 1:05:06 (!!!!!) :):) :)


Cath said...

Woo hoo, get you - with knocking someone's arm or leg off that's officially the top third - now that's what I call a result! As I said before, you're an inspiration to all of us - you keep at it girl, now this may sound a bit soppy but I for one am very proud to be your lucky to be buddy!

Cath said...

oops typo - meant to say "proud to be lucky enough to be your buddy!" haha!

Julie said...

I like the first version better -- the goofier the better!! LOL!! Love ya, Cath -- can't wait to see you again!!

Jenna said...

yah you rocked it and that's all you need to take home!!!

Susi said...
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