Friday, June 20, 2008

Of poop, puppies,and headwinds.

The winds were blasting again yesterday, so I decided to bike just past the BC/Alberta border. There is a nice set of outhouses at the bottom of the hill as soon as you cross into BC, and I thought that would be a good place to turn around.

There is another set of outhouses at what we locals call "The Lakes" -- right before you cross into BC, but these are the filthiest, most disgusting outhouses I have ever been in. They are so gross any time of the year. It's like all the most disgusting people on the planet -- the ones who don't know how to poop INSIDE the hole -- pull over and use these outhouses.

I have seen similar conditions in the open pit mines of Nepali outhouses. Seriously. In fact, these are the same outhouses that made international news a few months ago when some bonehead dumped a number of unwanted puppies down the men's hatch. As the story goes, a little boy had to pee, his Mom and Dad pulled over to the outhouse, and the little boy reported back to his parents that he could hear noises down the hole. The Pass was instantly mobilized and volunteers came out of the woodwork to jackhammer the outhouse open, rescue the puppies, and clean them up. All puppies were instantly adopted. :)


John Prince said...

... Nepali outhouses... Julie, I didn't realize you were so 'worldly'. You always seem to amaze me. Did you climb Mt. Everest too??? :-) I wouldn't put it past you. :-):-)

qtlibrarian said...

awww poor poop puppies!

Shannon Keith Wicks said...

The a-hole who dropped the puppies down there should be tossed in there him/herself!

Good to see everyone rally around to help the pups out.

All these windy rides under your belt and you'll be ready to take on Kona when the day comes.

Julie said...

Shannon -- Ahhhh yes!! Who said that Kona was the Holy Grail of triathlon? One day... and after some roll-downs...many roll-downs! LOL!!

Kelly B. said...

Why are some people such effing idiots? Throwing puppies down an outhouse hole? The Universe watches this stuff and what goes around comes around...LOSERS!!!

Jenna said...

Julie - The Wind Goddess.... Can't you see yourself with your...errr...short hair blowing in the breeze standing with your foot on the bike that you conquer all the hard rides with? You rock.

Poor poop puppies... how do people come up with such horrible evil ideas??

Jason said...

Now then Julie, I wondered where my PST went to, we obviously use it to keep the outhouses clean. I'm not sure I can condone a non-PST payer making use of government facilities!

With regards to the puppies. They caught the owners who were subsequently drummed out of town. Don't know where they are now, and the last I heard their case had just been postponed.