Monday, June 16, 2008

Jake's Second Triathlon!!

For the first time in a long time, Wasa in the middle of June was beautiful -- sunny and hot. The kids' triathlon was on Saturday and the adults' was on Sunday. Mike and I rolled into Cranbrook Friday evening and then left for Wasa the next morning for Jake-a-roo's second ever triathlon!! Yay Jacob!!!

After race package pick-up, we headed back to his cabin so he could don his racing attire. Now, this was a big thing, because of a wardrobe malfunction during last year's race. Last year, Jake wore those cool knee-length baggy shorts that he figured out weren't so cool for swimming and then running in. Let's just say the Coppertone kid was out in full force last year -- full on bum views!! LOL!

This year, Jake and I sat in front of the computer and decided to order the red kid's tri jersey. I asked him if he wanted to get the bike shorts too, but at 13 years old, the tight bike shorts were a no go. Hahahaha! Anyways, when he changed into his gear, we still had a bunch of time, so we got to talking about the bike short thing. Jake's Mom is a tiny chick and brought out her pair of bike shorts and asked Jake if he wanted to just try them on. He did and while a little reluctant at first, he decided that he was going to race in them. Bonus!!! :) :)

Doesn't he look like the total tri-dude? LOL!! Yay Jake!! Afterwards, I got him to practice putting his socks and shoes on, and then we headed to transition. (Check out his socks!!)

Jake's race was the last to go, so we just hung out at the beach and cheered for the other kidlets. I took Susi's que (heh-heh-heh no pun intended, well maybe!) and brought pompoms along. We also brought an air horn and a toy tambourine.

Jake took a small nap, while I took a brief moment to worship the sun! LOL!!

It was about this time that my camera does what I do during the swim -- crap out. I had bought new batteries and charged them, but lo and behold, suddenly the camera window, said "Change Battery Pack". We hauled out Mike's super nice camera and then it did the same thing too!! Remember what I told you all about me and technology? Sadly, here is where the pictures end. For the second year running, we didn't get any pics of me racing in all my sweaty, grimacing glory -- ummm, maybe that's a good thing? LOL!!

Finally, Jake's race began. He did so awesome -- swimming his little heart out,and when he exited the water, we waved our pompoms and blew that air horn like crazy. I jogged up to transition to watch him put his shoes on, and the poor little guy was disoriented from the swim, and I could see how difficult it was for him to overcome the dizziness! LOL!!! But he did it,and then he was outta there!

Last year,he rode his mountain bike, this year he borrowed his Mom's road bike. The only thing was that he neglected to actually ride it a bit before his race. Thus, he didn't know how to change the gears. It was stuck in the hardest gears the whole race! LOL!! I said, to him afterwards, "That's OK, that's what these races are for -- keep learning!" Besides, our goal for each race is to ALWAYS finish and to ALWAYS finish smiling, and he's true sport!! :) :)

He got out on the run, and ran his little heart out -- when he came across the finish line, he pounded his chest -- his trademark finish!! LOL!!

NEW PB for JAKE 1:05 and change --- 300mswim, 15km bike, 3km run!!!! Last year's time was 1:22:57!!!!!!

Way to go Jake!!!!!


Kelly B. said...

OMG...he is precious...absolutely PRECIOUS!! Way to go Jake!!!

Susi said...

holy PB! way to go jake!!!

excellent cheerleading and encouraging julie!

Cath said...

Well done Jake - you really looked the part there! So how tired were you at the end?!

Jenna said...

ok - i blew snot bubbles - way to go JAKE!! and you two better watch out cause a swarm of tri girls is about to attack him soon - he is so fricking cute!! LOVED the tri gear!!! Even Alex this year wants the tri - gear....:) Inspriation of the best kind!!