Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Congratulations Cath and Steve!!!

My very good friend in the UK just raced her first tri (sprint race in Blemheim) of the season and she did so awesome!!!!! She is an amazing swimmer -- like Jenna and Kelly, she went through 4-6 hours of training a day when she was just a little tyke. She hadn't swum for 20 years when she decided to do her first triathlon in Elkford, BC -- where we first met.

Cath and her hubby Jase are going to become Canadian citizens!! YAY! They have purchased and renovated a home in Fernie -- for their dream of running a B&B. Let me tell you -- it is a beautiful home and they are beautiful people. They are back in the UK until next spring tying up loose ends and making a bit more coin, but their papers are clear and the only thing that Canada is missing is them!! :) :)

So -- onto Cath's race report -- There were almost 200 people in her age category and she was first out of the water and first off the bike!!! Then her legs went kaput and she ended up in 6th place for her AG!! All this after she had a terrible hacking cough that had plagued her for weeks -- Cath I am so proud of you!!!!

(Also - when we drove by your house, Cath, on our way to the bike trail, I pointed it out to Char and Stuart and gave them a condensed version of how wonderful you and Jase are!!)

Her brother-in-law also competed in his first triathlon ever!!!! He had just learned to swim and had a great day as well! Congrats Steve -- when is your next race?? ;) LOL!!

OK -- I have gratuitously lifted the pics from Jason's Great Bear Blog. Heh-heh-heh! Don't sue me Jase!! LOL!!!

Congratulations again you guys - I AM SO PROUD OF YOU BOTH!!!!!


Susi said...

what a great race for both of them! congratulations from me too!!

Jenna said...

Yeah - Yipppeee!!!! way to go folks!

Cath said...

Hey Jase you're ok nicking the photos! It was a good race. As Julie knows,I was a bit disappointed with my run, but hey, you can't have it every way! Blenheim is a beautiful palace in the UK and the whole event is based in the palace grounds. In all, there are approx 5000 competitors over the weekend, so not a small event! It was great to see my brother in law, Steve, race as well - he had a great race and is raring to go for his next one in 2 weeks time. He's actually doing it all for charity and has already raised $3500 - not bad eh?!

Anyhow, thanks for the entry Julie - you're an absolute star as I always say, fingers crossed for a great race this weekend, I'll be thinking of you!can't wait to see you on 3.5 weeks, not long at all!

Lots of love and hugs
The Liversidge crew! xxx